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PopcornFX is a realtime particle-engine middleware, designed for the games industry.

PopcornFX is made of

  • The PopcornFX Editor

The Realtime Editor to create and author your PopcornFX Particle Effects.

  • The PopcornFX C++ SDK

Contains the PopcornFX C++ Runtime libraries that performs the heavy lifting and take care of all the particle simulation and management, as well as a collection of PopcornFX C++ Samples, which are small showing how to integrate and leverage the power of the runtime. There are samples for all the supported runtime platforms.

  • PopcornFX Integrations

Integrations of the PopcornFX Runtime into famous Game Engines developed by the PopcornFX dev team. Currently Plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine 4 are available.

Supported platforms

  • Desktop: Windows, Linux, MacOsX
  • Console: PS4, XboxOne, Switch, PS3, Xbox360, PSVita, Wii-U
  • Mobile: iOS, Android

Actively supported engine plugins integrations

  • Unity3d
  • UE4 (currently in beta)
  • For custom engine integrations, we provide samples and support!