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PopcornFX is a realtime particle-engine middleware

PopcornFX is made of

The PopcornFX Editor

This is the tool used by artists to create and author Particle Effects.

PopcornFX Integrations / Plugins

Integrations of the PopcornFX Runtime into mainstream game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, or O3DE.

The PopcornFX C++ SDK

Contains the PopcornFX C++ Runtime libraries that performs the heavy lifting and take care of all the particle simulation and management.
This is what plays back the particle effects ingame.
The SDK also contains a collection of C++ Samples, which are small code examples showing how to integrate and leverage the power of the runtime.
Getting the SDK requires signing an NDA, and at the moment we can only give access to the SDK to companies, not individuals.

Supported platforms

  • Desktop: Windows, Linux, macOS intel & M1
  • Console: PS4, PS5, XboxOne, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch
  • Mobile: iOS, Android