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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 UE4 plugin documentation can be found here

(last edit version: v1.0.0-preview-5)

Once the Plugin installed, your PopcornFX Pack ready, and an Unreal Engine Project created:

Project Settings

PopcornFX settings are divided into two categories.

  • Runtime settings: These settings will be cooked with the game when packaged, and are necessary for the particle simulation at runtime.
  • Editor settings: These settings won't be cooked, and are only used for the user experience when importing/editing effects in the Unreal Editor.

Once the PopcornFX Plugin copied into your Unreal Engine project, the PopcornFX Plugin should be enabled.

Go to Settings > Project Settings and find PopcornFX Editor:


For now, you only need to setup Import Source Pack to the path of your PopcornFX Pack. Source Pack Found is checked if the pack if found.

Note: This is not mandatory, if you import an FX and your Import Source Pack is not valid, the plugin will try to automatically resolve Import Source Pack from the imported effect's root pack.

Auto-Reimport setup

When importing your effects in Unreal Engine 4, fast iteration is possible by using the auto-reimport feature the engine provides.

In order to enable auto reimport of PopcornFX files:

  • Setup UE4 Editor auto-reimport Edit >> Editor Preferences >> Loading & Saving >> Monitor Content Directories

UE editorpref autoreimport.jpg

  • Then Edit >> Project Settings >> PopcornFX Editor, check Auto Reimport: it will automatically add your PopcornFX Source Pack to the UE4 Editor's Directories to Monitor


You may have to manually "Reimport" once your old effects to enable auto-reimport on already imported effects.

Tips: You can reduce the UE4 threshold time before reimport for faster iteration via Edit >> Editor Preferences >> Loading & Saving >> Import Threshold Time.