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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 UE4 plugin documentation can be found here

(last edit version: v0.5.2)

UE4 PopcornFX Plugin Troubleshooting

Compilation/Build failed

Sometimes, the archive has not been extracted properly due to path too long, resulting in missing files. Try to extract it closer to root of your drive, then copy paste the directory.

I don't see no particles in UE

Double check that you have "Real-time" enabled https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/UI/LevelEditor/Viewports/ViewportOptions/index.html.

My particles are not oriented correctly

(ie: gravity/velocity goes side ways, positions are offset wierdly etc...)

You probably got an FX not made to be Axis System independent.


  • UE4's Axis System is Z Up Left handed
  • Unity's Axis System is Y Up Left handed
  • Default PopcornFX Editor is Y Up Right handed

It means that if there is something like float3(0, 1, 0) it will be a Up axis in Unity, but a Side axis in UE4 !

Here is the Scripting reference#Axis-System helpers list.

And how you setup the PopcornFX Editor Axis-System.

My textures does not appear

See UE4/Troubleshooting#Some DDS Textures fail to import, do not appear at all, or appear incorrectly

Deformation squarish artifacts

Your deformation texture probably have a bad Compression Settings, you need to change it to TC Normalmap:

UE distobadgood.jpg

UE distotexsettings.jpg

Some DDS Textures fail to import, do not appear at all, or appear incorrectly

If those DDS textures are compressed (DXT5, DXT1, ...), last time we checked, UE4 could not import them !!

Here is a little batch script to uncompress all DDS textures of a folder:

Then for each folder containing compressed DDS textures:

  • Copy paste this uncompress_all_dds_here.bat in any folder with DDS textures inside
  • Double click on it to convert all dds of the current folder to uncompressed RGBA8 format

There is no Shadows


  • In UE: PopcornFX Scene Actor has Cast Shadow is enabled
  • In UE: the Light actor (directionnal or point) Casts shadows and has enabled: Cast Translucent Shadows
  • In PopcornFX Editor: in your Effect's Particle Renderer Billboard/Ribbon/...:


(those ones should resolve themselves automatically now:)

My Texture's Atlases (sub uv) don't work

Make sure your Atlas and Textures files have different names, because UE do not take the extention into account when importing. see UE4/PK-Editor_Pack_Setup#Asset_file_naming_convention

Bad: Textures/Blast.png Textures/Blast.pkat

Good: Textures/T_Blast.png Textures/Pkat_Blast.pkat

Crash at startup "Couln't load shader file 'PopcornFXVertexFactory'"

It means the PopcornFX Plugin Shaders files where not found !

Since v1.0.0, The PopcornFXCopyShaders module should automatically copy the usf shader files to your Engine installation folder (the only place where the shaders works).

If that did not work, manually copy .usf shader files from UE4PopcornFXPlugins/PopcornFX/Shaders/*.usf to your C:/Program Files (x86)/Epic Games/4.X/Engine/Shaders/,

And disable the auto PopcornFXCopyShaders: open your C:/Program Files (x86)/Epic Games/4.X/Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.ini and add the line PopcornFX.AutoCopyShaders=0

Then, make sure to re-copy the shader at each Plugin update !