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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 UE4 plugin documentation can be found here

(last edit version: v1.6.0)


Sequencer is UE4's latest animation tool, that you can use to start/stop effects, animate attributes, etc. If you are used to Sequencer, nothing more is required than your usual workflow with other UE4 assets.


Keep in mind that you need a PopcornFXSceneActor for particles to be visible.

However, having several PopcornFXSceneActors in your level/sequencer due to shots overlapping or other scenarios can result in bad performance: try you keep a single PopcornFXSceneActor in the level playing the sequence, particles will auto inject themselves in this scene.

Due to the way Sequencer works in versions UE4.18 and below, Spawnable emitters won't play unless they can be registered in a Spawnable PopcornFXSceneActor.

When you can't have a PopcornFX scene in the level playing the sequence because you need a self contained sequence, place the PopcornFXScene at the highest level, not in individual shots.


Emitter Play Track

The play track is used to keyframe play states of an emitter:

  • Play
  • Stop
  • Toggle

Pretty much like Cascade's Toggle Track, you can place keys to control the emitter play state.


Emitter Attributes Track

This track allows you to animate effect (instances) attribute over time. To this date, only the following attribute types are supported:

  • Float
  • Float3
  • Float4

You can either place keys direclty in the curve editor or in the timeline.


Attribute Samplers Tracks

Any property from an attribute sampler that doesn't need a geometry rebuild can be animated inside Sequencer.

Shape Attribute Samplers Tracks

Depending on the shape type, the following properties can be animated:

  • Radius
  • InnerRadius
  • Height
  • BoxDimension
  • Weight

PopcornFXScene Tracks

The PopcornFXScene can have a few properties animated:

  • EnableUpdate (Pauses the simulation)
  • EnableRender (Stops rendering particles)

Those properties are a good way to completely hide effect when out of view for example.