Summary of the Unity Plugin's Features V3

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Unity PopcornFX Plugin: Feature List

This page tries to list the PopcornFX SDK Integration possibilities and their current implementation status in Unity:

See also Known bugs.

Supported platforms

Platform Status Notes
Windows x86/x64 DX11 OpenGL
Linux x86/x64 OpenGL
MacOS x86/x64 Metal and OpenGL
Nintendo Switch
XBox One
Android x86/x64 OpenGLES3 and OpenGLES3
IOS x86/x64 Metal, OpenGLES2 and OpenGLES3


Feature Status Notes
Particle layer
Sound layer v2.5
Decal layer You might be able to implement that by raising an event in Unity
Raise event from PopcornFX to C# v3.0, but you can only retrieve the position of the particle that raised the event
Particle to world collisions Both dynamic and static collisions are now possible, dynamic collisions are available since v3.0
Particle to world two-way collisions This could also be implemented in a later version
AttributeSamplers Shape v2.8
AttributeSamplers Mesh v2.8
AttributeSamplers Skinned Mesh v2.8
AttributeSamplers Curve v2.8
AttributeSamplers Image v2.8
AttributeSamplers AnimTrack/Path
Sound spectrum sampling
Sound wave sampling v2.5
Codec mesh (mesh sampling)
Codec AnimTrack/Path Cannot override the anim track in Unity
Codec image (image sampling)
Scene velocity field sampling
Align particles torward multiple cameras We did not implement the particle alignment towards multiple cameras: the particles will always be aligned with the first one
Effects layering and filtering by camera It is possible to customize the layer in which the game object is rendered in the material factories since v3.0


Feature Status Notes
Default rendering pipeline
Renderer Billboard
Renderer Ribbon
Renderer Mesh
Renderer Sound
Renderer Light
Texture atlas
Soft particles
Soft Animation Blend
Lit particles v3.0 with the material factories, you can create surface shaders for the particles
Particle shadows v3.0 with the material factories, you can create surface shaders for the particles
Custom particle materials v3.0
Render with geometry shaders