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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

Welcome to the PopcornFX v1.x page.
PopcornFX v1 is now considered legacy, please use PopcornFX v2 instead.
More user-friendly, more versatile, better performance, supports recent platforms, and has been overall vastly improved across the entire spectrum compared to PopcornFX v1 !


Release Downloads

Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

UE4 plugin

UE4 plugin documentation

Unity Plugin

Unity plugin

Unity plugin Wiki

Download on the Unity Asset Store

Free Discovery Pack (free plugin included)

Runtime SDK

The PopcornFX SDK contains the developer documentation and many C++ Samples to help speed up the PopcornFX Integration process into any Game Engine.