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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

See also Particle node reference

All particle samplers are accessible in-script, and they can be referenced by using the sampler name directly.

See the 'Script bindings' section in each individual sampler pages for more information on accessible functions and properties.

Particle samplers

Particle samplers Nodes

curve sampler CParticleSamplerCurve Samples a curve, from 1 to 4 dimensions. like the Field evolver CParticleEvolver_Field
double-curve sampler CParticleSamplerDoubleCurve v1.5.4 Samples a double-curve, from 1 to 4 dimensions.
shape sampler CParticleSamplerShape Samples a shape, can be boxes, spheres, cylinders, capsules, cones, or meshes
animtrack sampler CParticleSamplerAnimTrack Sweeps and rotates a shape sampler shape sampler along a user-defined path
texture sampler CParticleSamplerTexture Samples a texture, with various optional wrap & filter modes
turbulence sampler CParticleSamplerProceduralTurbulence Samples a procedural turbulence field, useful for making convincing turbulence-like effects without a fluid simulation
spectrum sampler CParticleSamplerSpectrum Samples an audio frequency spectrum, useful for making particles react to music/sounds
text sampler CParticleSamplerText v1.7.0 Samples positions on a text with a custom TTF font, allowing to spawn particles on the text.

To add a new particle sampler, right-click in the 'Samplers' node in any particle layer, go in the 'New Sampler' sub-menu, and choose the sampler you want in the list:

Add new particle sampler