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Particle Evolvers

CParticleEvolver Spawner.png CParticleEvolver_Spawner used to create trails. this evolver will spawn other particles
CParticleEvolver Field.png CParticleEvolver_Field Binds a curve to a particle property
CParticleEvolver Script.png CParticleEvolver_Script Runs a custom script at each evolve step
CParticleEvolver Rotation.png CParticleEvolver_Rotation Updates particle rotations, given a rotation speed
CParticleEvolver Damper.png CParticleEvolver_Damper Damps any field over time
CParticleEvolver Physics.png CParticleEvolver_Physics Handles velocity / gravity / acceleration / collisions. main evolver for moving particles around. this is created by default in each new layer
CParticleEvolver SPH.png CParticleEvolver_SPH Experimental, temporarily disabled in the current release.
CParticleEvolver Flocking.png CParticleEvolver_Flocking Adds autonomous flocking behaviours to the particles
CParticleEvolver Containment.png CParticleEvolver_Containment Constrains the particles to an area