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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

Particle layers Particle Layers

Main page: Particle layers

particle spawner action CActionFactoryParticleSpawnerBase Particle spawner, emits particles in the world
action with childs CActionFactoryWithChilds Folder, contains multiple child layers, allows to group them and schedule them with a common delay / repeat count / repeat mode.
sound action CActionFactorySound Plays a sound.
decal spawner action CActionFactoryDecalSpawner v1.5.5 Experimental, Sticks a decal on the scene. Useful when combined with a particle collide trigger.
Spatial layer CParticleSpatialDescriptor v1.8.0 Special type of storage layer. Gives access to spatial queries from particle scripts, enabling particle/particle interactions between different layers and effects.

Particle evolvers Particle Evolvers

Main page: Particle evolvers

Evolve state Evolve state Root node that contains all the evolvers. In the future we might handle multiple evolve states and the ability for particles to switch from one state to another based on a script-based condition.
trail evolver CParticleEvolver_Spawner Used to create trails. this evolver will spawn other particles
field evolver CParticleEvolver_Field Binds a curve to a particle property
script evolver CParticleEvolver_Script Runs a custom script at each evolve step
rotation evolver CParticleEvolver_Rotation Updates particle rotations, given a rotation speed
damper evolver CParticleEvolver_Damper Damps any field over time
physics evolver CParticleEvolver_Physics Handles velocity / gravity / acceleration / collisions. main evolver for moving particles around.
collisions evolver CParticleEvolver_Collisions Handles collisions with the scene or a custom shape sampler shape or Shape sampler shape collection.
flocking evolver CParticleEvolver_Flocking Adds autonomous flocking behaviours to the particles
containment evolver CParticleEvolver_Containment Constrains the particles to a volume
distance limiter evolver CParticleEvolver_LimitDistance Constrains particles to a certain distance-range from a set of shape sampler shapes.
shape projection evolver CParticleEvolver_Projection Projects particles on a shape sampler shape's surface.
flipbook evolver CParticleEvolver_FlipBook Simplifies the use of animated textures
localspace evolver CParticleEvolver_Localspace Runs a list of child evolvers in the effect instance's localspace.
gravitational attractor evolver CParticleEvolver_Attractor Gravitationally attracts particles to a shape sampler shape's surface.
spatial insertion evolver CParticleEvolver_SpatialInsertion v1.8.0 Inserts a particle inside a Spatial layer spatial layer.

Particle renderers Particle Renderers

Main page: Particle renderers

billboard renderer CParticleRenderer_Billboard Renderer particles as billboards/sprites. handles texture atlases, various billboarding & alignment modes
light renderer CParticleRenderer_Light Transforms particles into dynamic lights that light the scene
mesh renderer CParticleRenderer_Mesh Renders particles as meshes
ribbon renderer CParticleRenderer_Ribbon Renders particles as continuous ribbons-trails
audio renderer CParticleRenderer_Sound v1.7.0 "Renders" the particles as sound sources.

Particle samplers Particle Samplers

Main page: Particle samplers

curve sampler CParticleSamplerCurve Samples a curve, from 1 to 4 dimensions. like the Field evolver CParticleEvolver_Field
double-curve sampler CParticleSamplerDoubleCurve v1.5.4 Samples a double-curve, from 1 to 4 dimensions.
shape sampler CParticleSamplerShape Samples a shape, can be boxes, spheres, cylinders, capsules, cones, or meshes
animtrack sampler CParticleSamplerAnimTrack Sweeps and rotates a shape sampler shape sampler along a user-defined path
texture sampler CParticleSamplerTexture Samples a texture, with various optional wrap & filter modes
turbulence sampler CParticleSamplerProceduralTurbulence Samples a procedural turbulence field, useful for making convincing turbulence-like effects without a fluid simulation
spectrum sampler CParticleSamplerSpectrum Samples an audio frequency spectrum, useful for making particles react to music/sounds
text sampler CParticleSamplerText v1.7.0 Samples either the ascii codes of a text (you can use this to index a texture atlas), or positions on a text with a custom .TTF font.

Particle fields Misc

Particle fields Particle fields Contains the list of properties (fields) of a particle
Events Particle events Contains the list of events the particle can trigger
Effect attributes Effect attributes Contains the list of properties of the whole effect. This is what's used by the game to control and modify the effect at runtime.

Editor backdrops Editor backdrops

Main page: Editor backdrops
These are editor-only edition helpers, they will not appear in the final effect.

2D backdrops

Audio backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Audio2D Plays back a non-spatialized audio track.
Brush backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Brush Draws a color gradient (takes the camera orientation into account)
Image backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Image Draws a texture in the backdround
Video backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Video Plays back a video in the backdround
Cubemap backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Cubemap Draws an environment cubemap (takes camera orientation into account)

3D backdrops

Sound backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Sound3D Plays back a 3D-spatialized audio track
Model backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Model3D Draws a 3D FBX model in the scene (can be animated). Particles can collide with these.
Grid backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Grid v1.9.0 Draws a 3D grid. Particles can collide with these.
Effect backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Effect Inserts and plays an effect in the scene. Can be the effect that's currently being edited, or another effect.
Alembic backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Alembic Draws and runs an alembic scene (can be animated). Particles do NOT collide with these.
Light backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Light Inserts a light in the scene.
Camera backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Camera Experimental Inserts a camera in the scene.
Text backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Text v1.9.0 Displays 3D text in the scene.
Wind backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Wind v1.9.0 Injects wind sources into the particle simulation.
VectorField backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_VectorField v1.13.0 New ! Injects wind sources into the particle simulation.