Particle layers

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See also Particle node reference

Particle layers are high-level actions that define your effect. A layer can spawn particles, play a sound, contain other layers, etc..

Particle layers Nodes

particle spawner action CActionFactoryParticleSpawnerBase Particle spawner, emits particles in the world
action with childs CActionFactoryWithChilds Folder, contains multiple child layers, allows to group them and schedule them with a common delay / repeat count / repeat mode.
sound action CActionFactorySound Plays a sound.
decal spawner action CActionFactoryDecalSpawner 1.5.5 Experimental, Sticks a decal on the scene. Useful when combined with a particle collide trigger.
Spatial layer CParticleSpatialDescriptor v1.8.0 NewIcon.png Experimental, Special type of storage layer. Gives access to spatial queries from particle scripts, enabling particle/particle interactions between different layers and effects.