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The HH-Fx editor allows you to record a history of previous simulation frames for any FX.

as this can have a quite large memory hit, depending on the number of recorded frames, when activated, a red performance warning appears in the realtime viewport.

(you can also see the particle history/time machine video tutorial)

To control the history frames recording and playback, go in the 'Debug' panel, which is a tab in the same panel as the particle treeview, on the bottom left of the default layout:

HistoryFrames Panel.png

There are 3 fields that control the history frames:

  • CaptureHistoryFrames : when checked, the simulation frames are captured, and the red performance warning is displayed inside the realtime viewport
  • MaxHistoryFramesCount : total size, in frames, of the particle history buffer. by default, set to 16 frames.
  • HistoryPosToShow : value between 0 and 1 controlling the current frame displayed inside the history buffer. 0 means the current simulation frame, 1 means the last history frame.

Moving the 'HistoryPosToShow' slider around lets you go back in time and inspect the simulation results. you can also use the trace report to get detailed information about each particle in each captured frame.

HistoryFrames 01s 0.jpg HistoryFrames 02.jpg
current frame 110 frames back in time
HistoryFrames 03 0.jpg HistoryFrames 04.jpg
181 frames back in time 227 frames back in time