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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

See also Particle node reference

Particle evolvers are the components that take care of updating the particle properties, They are contained in an Evolve state Evolve state.

The order of the different evolvers within their particle evolve-state is important. This order determines the execution order of the evolvers for one update step.
Some evolvers might have dependencies, you might want to run an evolver that modifies a field before or after another evolver that reads from it.

You can reorder evolvers by drag/n/dropping them below or above their neighbor evolvers in the editor treeview.

Particle state containing various evolvers

Nodes Nodes

trail evolver CParticleEvolver_Spawner Used to create trails. this evolver will spawn other particles
field evolver CParticleEvolver_Field Binds a curve to a particle property
script evolver CParticleEvolver_Script Runs a custom script at each evolve step
rotation evolver CParticleEvolver_Rotation Updates particle rotations, given a rotation speed
damper evolver CParticleEvolver_Damper Damps any field over time
physics evolver CParticleEvolver_Physics Handles velocity / gravity / acceleration / collisions. main evolver for moving particles around. this is created by default in each new layer
collisions evolver CParticleEvolver_Collisions Handles collisions with the scene or a custom shape sampler shape or Shape sampler shape collection.
flocking evolver CParticleEvolver_Flocking Adds autonomous flocking behaviours to the particles
containment evolver CParticleEvolver_Containment Constrains the particles to an area
distance limiter evolver CParticleEvolver_LimitDistance Constrains particles to a certain distance-range from a set of shape sampler shapes.
shape projection evolver CParticleEvolver_Projection Projects particles on the shape sampler shape's surface.
flipbook evolver CParticleEvolver_FlipBook Simplifies the use of animated textures
localspace evolver CParticleEvolver_Localspace Runs a list of child evolvers in the effect instance's localspace.
gravitational attractor evolver CParticleEvolver_Attractor Gravitationally attracts particles to a shape sampler shape's surface.
spatial insertion evolver CParticleEvolver_SpatialInsertion v1.8.0 Inserts a particle inside a Spatial layer spatial layer.

To add a new particle evolver, right-click in the Evolve state Evolve state node in any particle layer, go in the 'New Evolver' sub-menu, and choose the evolver you want in the list:

Add new evolvers