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UnityPopcornFXSettings V3.png

Asset used to choose the settings for the PopcornFX plugin. It's located by default at Assets/PopcornFX/Resources/PKFxSettings but can be in any Resources folder.
You can also access it with the menu item | Edit > Project Settings > PopcornFX

Enable soft particles

Enable/Disable soft particles and allow to use post effects on the PKFxRenderingPlugin_component

Enable File log

Enables/Disables PopcornFX log in a popcorn.htm file at the project's root.

Enable unsafe code

Enables/Disables unsafe code needed for PopcornFX events and raycast collisions.
It will activate the "Allow unsafe code" checkbox and add the define PK_UNSAFE_CODE_ENABLED to the "Scripting Define Symbols" in the Player's Project Settings.

Enable raycast for collisions

Enables/Disables raycast for the collisions instead of the static mesh set with SceneMeshPkmmPath.

Impact performance.

Split the draw calls of the particles that require disabling back-face culling

Enable/Disables the split of the draw calls to disable back-face culling.

Run PopcorFX on a single thread to avoid visual studio hangs

Enables/Disables singlet hread to avoid visual studio hangs while debugging.

Asset used to create the materials for the particles

See PKFxMaterialFactory.

Automatic mesh resizing to avoid dynamic re-alloc during the next run

Vertex buffer size multiplicator

Index buffer size multiplicator