PKFxRenderingPlugin component V3

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This is the rendering component. Attach it to your camera to have Popcorn in your scene.


The "Build" version number corresponds to the version of the PopcornFx runtime and subsequently of the compatible PopcornFx editor. Only the first 2 numbers, respectively major and minor version numbers are relevant, the following (respectively patch and commit number) can be safely ignored as far as effects compatibility is concerned.

Advanced Settings

Time Multiplier

Modify the speed of the simulation for all the particle.

Post Effects

Post effects in advanced settings may impact performance in non-negligible ways. To use them you need to enable the Soft Particles in the PKFxSettings


Enables distortions in effects that support it.


Enables the blur post effect.


Adjusts the amplitude of the blur.


See "How To Setup Particle Collisions".
Loads a static scene mesh to compute particles' collisions.


Path relative to the PackFx root to the scene mesh (see PKFxSceneMeshBuilder).