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Released Apr 9th 2021. This version is a Long Term Support version.
make sure you upgrade your runtime / plugins as well before switching to this version.

! IMPORTANT ! After upgrading a project to 2.9.0, make sure you clear your shader-cache by doing 'Edit > Clear shader cache' !

Note: UE4 plugin archives are provided as 7z archives for better compression. They can be extracted using 7zip.

Release highlights

New material: 6way lightmap Initial support for GPU spatial layers New material: Parallax raymarch Animated thumbnails
New material: 6way lightmap Initial GPU support for spatial layers New material: Parallax raymarch Animated thumbnails
PopcornFX 2.9 release highlights livestream


64-bits Windows build MacOS build Linux-64 build
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.22.16368_x64.exe (Latest) NewIcon.png
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.22.13147_x64.pkg [Experimental] (Latest) NewIcon.png
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.21.12700_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.20.12242_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.19.11840_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.18.11445_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.17.11307_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.16.11076_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.15.10863_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.14.10647_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.13.10409_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.12.10199_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.11.9920_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.10.9663_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.9.9308_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.8.8929_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.7.8668_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.6.8283_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.5.7990_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.4.7681_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.3.7381_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.2.6791_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.1.6950_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.22.13147_x64.tgz (Latest) NewIcon.png

Changelog 2.9.22

Builds (May 12th 2022)

  • Fixed #10332: Crash when sampling mesh vertex-data but the data does not exist
  • Fixed #10304: AssetBaker crashes when baking pkbo files with 'RemoveEditorNodes = false'
  • Fixed #10152: UnrealEngine: Download_SDK_*.bat helper scripts do not work if plugin was cloned in folder containing spaces
  • Fixed #8381: O3DE: Remove Lumberyard references

Changelog 2.9.21

Builds (Mar 31st 2022)

  • Fixed #6970: Nodal editor: Sometimes it becomes impossible to select nodes in the graph
  • Fixed #9907: O3DE: Incorrect float3 and float4 values for extract payload script canvas nodes
  • Fixed #9905: O3DE: Particles not properly billboarded in some cases when using axis aligned or planar aligned billboarding modes
  • Fixed #9904: O3DE: Particles not rendering in some cases
  • Fixed #9903: O3DE: Pkat files are not copied by the AssetProcessor
  • Fixed #9901: O3DE: Wrap mode for samplers not working
  • Fixed #9900: O3DE: Rename OnFxCreated in OnEmitterReady and expose it to the script canvas
  • Fixed #9898: O3DE: Cannot load pkproj in a child folder
  • Fixed #9897: O3DE: Effects not loading in the GameLauncher
  • Fixed #9896: O3DE : Incorrect billboarding stats in the profiler
  • Fixed #9895: O3DE: Gem not compiling in release
  • Fixed #9894: O3DE: Create one script canvas extract payload node by type

Changelog 2.9.20

Builds (Feb 24th 2022)

  • Fixed #8748: Nodegraph: searching for 'infinity' does not work
  • Fixed #9422: Editor login window: Display comprehensive error message when editor cannot login because online webservice is down for maintenance

Changelog 2.9.19

Builds (Feb 3rd 2022)

  • Fixed #9207: Editor: cannot rename file with Version Control activated
  • Fixed #8199: Mesh editor: Disable show normals/tangents buttons when not available in mesh
  • Fixed #9206: Upgrader: the upgrade flag dependencies for write even if it's not needed

Changelog 2.9.18

Builds (Jan 6th 2022)

  • Fixed #8160: Editor: importing a package fails if version control is enabled
  • Fixed #9158: Editor: crash when closing material editor
  • Fixed #9153: Editor: Viewport Up/Down navigation keys are reverted compared to mainstream engines
  • Fixed #9139: Editor: REPLACE_ME default mesh is never displayed in installed PopcornFX Editor versions
  • Fixed #9009: Editor-Mac: Blank viewport on mesh, vector-field, material editor
  • Fixed #9149: Rendering: billboard particles render as purple quads in the editor viewport when Lit and billboarding in VertexShader
  • Fixed #7830: VAT mesh renderers cannot be hidden (renderer enabled pin)
  • Fixed #9138: Nodes "All" and "Any" only take into account the first vector component
  • Fixed #9156: UE4: effects containing GPU simulated layers produce many errors when imported or cooked
  • Fixed #7516: Unity: rotation is not applied for planar align billboard in vertex billboarding

Changelog 2.9.17

Builds (Dec 16th 2021)

  • Fixed #9069: Editor: project LOD Min/Max distances are not properly setup when opening an effect editor
  • Fixed #5921: MacOS: crash when closing content browser
  • Fixed #8178: GPU sim (D3D12): Bad time-windows for spawned particles
  • Fixed #5605: GPU sim (D3D12): incorrect parent.EmittedCount
  • #9059: UE4: Add support for AutoManageAttachment

Changelog 2.9.16

Builds (Dec 2nd 2021)

  • Fixed #8946: Occasional crash when editing nodes
  • Fixed #8772: pausing the timeline deadlocks the editor when D3D12 GPU sim is enabled
  • Fixed #8269: Switching layer between GPU and CPU breaks rendering
  • Fixed #5895: Deleting a node with D3D12 GPU sim breaks rendering
  • Fixed #5190: Seeking is broken with GPU sim, unusable
  • Fixed #7052: Mac: Download & Install new version not working
  • Fixed #8983: Mac: Account button is aligned left instead of right
  • Fixed #8951: UE4: link error on Linux on some machines

Changelog 2.9.15

Builds (Nov 18th 2021)

  • Fixed #8897: Editor: various crashes when opening a project or assets are analyzed asynchronously if the project contains older version effects
  • Fixed #8943: Editor: Rare crash when effect compilation occurs and shape positions are sampled
  • Fixed #8942: Editor: Crash when deleting some nodes
  • Fixed #8941: Editor: Crash when grouping some nodes
  • Fixed #8934: Editor: Crash when closing effect editor
  • Fixed #8932: Editor: Rare crash when resetting scene with external effect backdrop
  • Fixed #8948: Editor: D3D12 rendering stability improvements
  • Fixed #1497: Editor-Mac: when viewport has focus, menubar disappears
  • Fixed #8939: Editor-Mac: "About PopcornFX..." line under Help doesn't exist
  • Fixed #8895: Unity: Camera command buffer generate exception on clean
  • Fixed #8891: Unity: Deadlock on first Unity plugin launch
  • Fixed #8864: Unity: On stop play PKFxCamera.cs raises an exception
  • Fixed #8862: Unity: Cannot specify Int4 attributes
  • Fixed #8945: UE4: Some effects producing invalid bounds generate crashes in release builds
  • Fixed #7696: O3DE: Shader hot reloading does not work properly
  • #8712: O3DE: Add support for MacOS
  • #8246: O3DE: Open pkpr from the editor with the open button of the HelperProfilerComponent
  • #8245: O3DE: Draw of bars for the profiler

Changelog 2.9.14

Builds (Oct 21th 2021)

  • Fixed #8836: Editor: Moving .pkma files in the content browser clears the fragment/vertex shader paths if the shaders are moved in the same action
  • Fixed #8830: Editor: crash when renaming .pkri rendering feature and effect editor is opened with a material using that feature
  • Fixed #8779: Editor: crash when ungrouping a layer template having a modified 'PreferredSimLocation', 'Determinism' or 'RandomSeedModifier'
  • Fixed #8777: Editor: crash when D3D12 initialization fails when opening an effect editor window
  • Fixed #8774: Editor: random crash when D3D12 API fails initializing
  • Fixed #8773: Editor: crash when importing mesh with mismatching material and sub mesh count
  • Fixed #8771: Editor: crash when enabling mesh fails being built for D3D12 GPU sim
  • Fixed #8770: Editor: crash when editor unloads assets during editor actions
  • Fixed #8768: Editor: crash when deleting some nodes
  • Fixed #8767: Editor: crash when corrupt curves are processed by the optimizer
  • Fixed #8766: Editor: random crash when selecting timeline keyframes
  • Fixed #8764: Editor: random crash when editing effect with attributes
  • Fixed #8763: Editor: crash when loading some textures and editor runs out of memory
  • Fixed #8760: Editor: crash when sampling curves when curves are invalid
  • Fixed #8778: Editor: rare crash when editor displays property grid
  • Fixed #8765: Editor: rare crash when using D3D12 GPU sim texture sampler
  • Fixed #8789: AssetBaker: uninitialized data when baking meshes produces different pkmm
  • Fixed #8034: Upgrader: Upgrade v2.9.0.6568 fails upgrading some template pins
  • Fixed #8759: Unity: Lots of error logs when baking effect
  • Fixed #8070: Unity: Raycasts with the C# callback doesn't work anymore
  • Fixed #8790: UE4: Cannot dynamically change StaticMesh of mesh shape attribute samplers
  • Fixed #8850: O3DE: add gem dependencies in the gem.json file

Changelog 2.9.13

Builds (sep 30th 2021)

  • Fixed #8752: Effect editor: cannot restore Scene panel after closing it
  • Fixed #8741: Optimizer: VRP optimization breaks Legacy_Flipbook template
  • Fixed #7715: Unity: Distortion is not applied in Legacy rendering with GPU Billboarding
  • Fixed #8618: Unity: Mesh renderer doesnt clean properly if camera is disabled
  • Fixed #8643: Unity: Distorion cause white render on Legacy rendering
  • Fixed #8714: Unity: Broken attributes when reusing PKFxEmitter
  • Fixed #8727: Unity: force determinism flag is not applied properly
  • Fixed #7485: O3DE: Samplers: Texture attribute samplers
  • #8711: O3DE: Add support for Linux
  • #6797: O3DE: Point light particle renderer
  • Fixed #8721: UE4: Shape sampler actor incorrectly displays & samples when shape type is 'Box'
  • Fixed 8726: UE4: Effects are loaded on dedicated servers
  • Fixed 8747: UE4: Some effects fail importing
  • 8547: UE4: UE4.27 port

Changelog 2.9.12

Builds (sep 16th 2021)

  • Fixed #8597: Animtrack sampler: Sampling the animtrack scale with a non-constant 'TrackIndex' causes simulation glitches, some particles sometimes get incorrect values.
  • Fixed #8579: Closing content-browser before thumbnails have finished loading causes a crash
  • Fixed #8588: HDR loader: Some .hdr files cannot be loaded (when first byte of first RGBE texel is 0x20)
  • Fixed #8578: Image loader: Fails to load old TGA 1.0 images that are RLE-encoded and in RGB or RGBA format, with an occasional crash (these images are extremely rare, almost all imaging software write TGA 2.0 nowadays)
  • Fixed #8577: Texture viewer: Export to PKM format displays incorrect size estimation
  • Fixed #8576: Editor is sometimes very slow to start, due to external application icon fetch timing out. (not an actual editor bug, SHGetFileInfo() times out on some rare occasions, editor retries too many times and causes startup times in the order of minutes)
  • #8710: O3DE: Add support for iOS
  • #6790: O3DE: Mesh particle renderer
  • Fixed #8695: O3DE: Lot of StringFunc warnings caused by asset thumbnails
  • Fixed #8596: AE: Crash and instability of the PopcornFX Panel
  • Fixed #8595: AE: Crash caused by skinned meshes

Changelog 2.9.11

Builds (sep 3rd 2021)

  • Fixed #8532: Rendering: ribbon particle glitches when effect instances are stopped/restarted
  • Fixed #8392: effect.axis* nodes sometimes do not work as expected and return scene axis instead of effect axis
  • Fixed #8471: Optimizer: When constant-folding null shapes (such as a zero-radius sphere) in shipping, Ignores the shape position and always folds zero
  • Fixed #8458: Compiler tab: Diving into a script inside a layer, nothing is displayed in the "Compiler" tab
  • Fixed #8417: Viewport particle selection does not work properly with per-particle varying 'Enabled' renderer input.
  • Fixed #3746: Content browser: Pop a confirmation dialog whenever drag/dropping an item to another location in the content browser
  • Fixed #8548: UE4: No billboard particles appear on Mac / iOS
  • Fixed #8546: UE4: PopcornFX attribute & play/stop effect tracks do not work in UE4.26 sequencer
  • Fixed #8511: O3DE: Compilation errors with "UNITY" build off
  • #8545: O3DE: Add support for Android
  • #8419: O3DE: Display PopcornFX icons for effect assets
  • #8395: O3DE: Thumbnails display for PopcornFX assets
  • #7433: O3DE: Static mesh samplers

Changelog 2.9.10

Builds (aug 19th 2021)

  • Fixed #8280: Nodal editor: Occasional render crash when tweaking values
  • Fixed #8355: Nodal editor: Crash when moving an export of a public template, set to 'Property' only (not 'Link')
  • Fixed #8367: Nodal editor: Searching items in the nodegraph sometimes cause the simulation to be reset
  • Fixed #8345: Nodal editor: Post-its aren't dimmed by nodegraph search, unlike all other nodes.
  • Fixed #8375: Effect editor: Changing the backdrop settings resets the effect (still resets when there are attribute samplers bound to a backdrop, but doesn't reset anymore in other cases)
  • Fixed #8313: Effect editor: Rare crash when localized pages are used.
  • Fixed #8365: Effect editor: When seeking takes a long time and the "sim unresponsive" dialog pops up, the "Ignore" button does not ignore anything, and the dialog keeps popping.
  • Fixed #8339: D3D12 GPU sim: Entire editor freezes when a lost-device happens due to other unrelated D3D12 bugs
  • Fixed #8348: Texture viewer: Hitting Ctrl+S after changing the bake settings saves the .pkcf file but the asset is still marked as having pending modifications
  • Fixed #8317: AE: After effects error: parameter count mismatch in plug-in effect "Emitter"
  • Fixed #8376: Texture viewer: When an image loader emits load warnings, these warnings are not reported by the texture viewer. Only errors when the load fails are visible.
  • Fixed #8374: HDR loader: Some .hdr files cannot be loaded
  • Fixed #8264: Saving an effect sometimes makes the effect editor crash on the next nodegraph compilation in some projects
  • #6820: O3DE: Texture attribute sampler
  • #8410: O3DE: Allow installing the gem using O3DE's package system and project manager
  • #7429: O3DE: Basic rendering features: Opaque particles
  • #7425: O3DE: Billboard/Ribbons basic rendering features
  • Fixed #8424: O3DE: PopcornFX components icons do not show up
  • Fixed #8400: O3DE: Billboards with non-uniform sizes are incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed #8394: O3DE: important performance drop when adding an effect with particles colliding
  • Fixed #8391: O3DE: Importing effects from a non-O3DE packs render sideways

Changelog 2.9.9

Builds (aug 6th 2021)

  • Fixed #8288: Some simulation tasks are sometimes serialized and executed on a single core, degrades performance.
  • Fixed #8179: GPU sim (D3D12): Mesh sampling: Vertex-colors density sampling is broken
  • Fixed #6968: CPU sim: Improve performance of scene.orientationFromForwardUp()
  • Fixed #8206: Nodal editor: Occasional crash when dragging wires
  • Fixed #8205: Nodal editor: Crash when cutting looping wire
  • Fixed #8224: Nodal editor: Wire tooltips sometimes appears without hovering any wire
  • Fixed #8266: Nodal editor: Nodegraph tooltips annoyingly steal the window focus even if another window is on top (moves settings windows on top of the effect editor back under it)
  • Fixed #7952: Nodal editor: Broken wire coloring when disabling nodes
  • Fixed #8209: Backdrops: The spawn grid of the "Effect" backdrop is bound to 1 on Y axis when using RightHand_Z_up axis system
  • Fixed #8258: Moving a local template to another file is slow.
  • Fixed #8244: Color Picker opened from propertygrid stays opened after propertygrid disappears, subsequently changing color or cancelling has no effect
  • Fixed #8291: Color picker: Opening a color picker on a node, then adding objects to the current selection keeps the color-picker window opened, but changing the color does not modify the nodes anymore
  • Fixed #8293: HUD profiler: markers that reach the end of the frame are extended to way longer than the actual end of frame
  • Fixed #8267: Rare crash when opening some effects which contain dangling internal objects.
  • Fixed #8228: Template treeview does not show the actual template icon, always displays the generic "template" cog icon.
  • Fixed #8218: Crash when graphics API fails initializing
  • Fixed #8242: Texture export: Unhelpful error message when a format conversion is not supported, clears the destination texture if it already exists instead of leaving it untouched.
  • Fixed #8241: Texture BGRA8 to LA8 conversion is broken
  • Fixed #8240: Texture export dialog: User cannot specify a new filename without an extension
  • Fixed #8239: Texture viewer: When zooming out to extreme levels, and the window is fullscreen, the UI becomes slow
  • Fixed #8238: Texture viewer: Changing texture bake settings from the texture viewer does not properly call the editor's custom filesystem 'write' commandlines (often used with perforce)
  • Fixed #8281: Content browser: Occasional crash when removing folders containing .pkcf files (usually through source-control checkout/pull)
  • Fixed #8255: Content browser: Drag & Dropping asset files from a network drive into the content browser does not work
  • Fixed #8268: External applications settings: "Shaders" category only affects fragment shaders, ignores vertex shaders
  • Fixed #8220: License status is always marked expired in About editor panel
  • Fixed #8278: O3DE plugin: Mesh sampler KdTree not reloaded correctly when we enable the option on the component
  • Fixed #8322: Unity plugin: ".pkfx.asset" assets are not always updated on disk when effects are re-imported in Unity

Changelog 2.9.8

Builds (jul 22nd 2021)

  • Fixed #8183: Frequent crash when editor rescans a project from scratch, regression since v2.9.6
  • Fixed #8171: Editor: Replace Lumberyard preset by O3DE
  • Fixed #8175: Nodegraph: Node timings displays CPU timings ignoring CPU worker count specified in editor user settings
  • Fixed #8173: Nodegraph: Summary & Pipeline panels displays CPU timings ignoring CPU worker count specified in editor user settings
  • Fixed #8112: Orientation.FromForwardUp node does not behave correctly in Left-handed or exotic coordinate-systems
  • Fixed #1896: Rename template: Opens and writes files that do not reference those templates
  • Fixed #8151: Unity plugin: TimeMultiplier has wrong values
  • Fixed #8149: Unity plugin: Crash When running effects with invalid renderers
  • Fixed #8124: Unity plugin: Add toggle to disable hotreload of effects
  • Fixed #8120: Unity plugin: Source folder path is in URI format
  • Fixed #8116: Unity plugin: C# Exception when hotreloading the C# codebase while in play
  • Fixed #8115: Unity plugin: Add effect preload list to PKFxRenderingPlugin
  • Fixed #8184: Unity plugin: Make plugin version public

Changelog 2.9.7

Builds (jul 8th 2021)

  • Fixed #8113: Effect editor: Crash when adjusting color
  • Fixed #8108: Crash when selecting one-particle ribbons
  • Fixed #8103: Timeline: wrong payload generated when some payloads are unused or constant-folded
  • Fixed #8111: Effect interface / Attributes panel: buggy UI when using vector or orientation attributes, panel becomes extremely wide, cannot resize without horizontal scrollbar appearing, painful to use.
  • Fixed #8090: Asset picker: picking a texture which is 48 times higher than wide stretches the preview thumbnail in the UI (does not do it with other ratios)
  • Fixed #8085: Editor: Clicking on "Show asset In ContentBrowser" in the various windows that expose the option, will not work if a search filter is active in the content-browser and the asset does not match the search.
  • Fixed #8063: Nodal editor: Ctrl+F is not able to find resources defined in sampler or renderer nodes
  • Fixed #6342: Nodegraph: creating loops in graph do not show any warnings, while it's invalid
  • Fixed #5922: Propertygrid: UI display bug in script nodes: Inputs/Outputs of the scripts do not display the type dropdown and delete buttons until the propertygrid is resized
  • Fixed #5716: Editor viewport camera gizmo: When multiple effect editors & viewports are opened, the gizmo is only displayed into the currently focused viewport, not the others.
  • Fixed #8051: Editor's tmp files recovery dialog at project launch never appears in the taskbar, can be easy to miss if another window was focused on top.
  • Fixed #8065: Unity plugin: Crash when running effects which use scene raycasts or collisions (C# callback called from another thread)
  • Fixed #8109: Unity plugin: import button 'All' imports all effects including template and editor pkfx
  • Fixed #8084: Unity plugin: Cannot create Assets\Resources\PKFxSettings.asset because a file with the same name already exists.
  • Fixed #8083: Unity plugin: Error while baking effects: cannot load .pkmm file
  • Fixed #8071: Unity plugin: Texture loading uses texture name instead of whole path
  • Fixed #8069: Unity plugin: File watcher not working after reimporting all the effects in a pack
  • Fixed #8066: Unity plugin: Collision mesh baking + loading doesn't work
  • Fixed #8068: Unity plugin: Useless assets members
  • Fixed #8067: Unity plugin: Cannot load font, vector fields and meshes after importing an effect
  • Fixed #8100: Unity plugin: UI displaying exported event is not updated properly when changing the effect asset on the component
  • Fixed #8097: Unity plugin: Display proper effect being baked in progress bar

Changelog 2.9.6

Builds (jun 24th 2021)

  • Fixed #8014: Optimizer: pow(x, k) function produces incorrect results if a pow(x, 1) has been used elsewhere in the same layer. (present since v2.5.0)
  • Fixed #7997: Spatial Layers: Mismatch between CPU-sim and GPU-sim behavior when no particle is in range of a query
  • Fixed #8001: Spatial Layers: Hard crash in editor when wiring one SpatialLayer query result (coming from one SL) to SpatialLayer insertion (to another SL)
  • Fixed #7965: Determinism: inactive rand nodes mess up the seed between Editor and Shipping builds
  • Fixed #6122: GPU sim: Curve sampler does not support unbound curves
  • Fixed #7999: Content browser: Using the search bar in large projects is extremely slow
  • Fixed #8045: Content browser: Should not remember searches from one launch of the editor to another.
  • Fixed #8016: Content browser: Thumbnails view has very visible refresh glitches. (since v2.0.0)
  • Fixed #8025: Capture thumbnails: Doesn't work when two effect editors are opened
  • Fixed #7742: Particle debugger: "Capture All" button does not display selected particles, nor the current one, and prev/next buttons have no effect
  • Fixed #7957: Script editor: Cannot zoom in with Ctrl+mousewheel anymore
  • Fixed #7995: Color picker UI is broken on machines with two or more screens with different high-DPI settings
  • Fixed #7953: HUD Profiler is drawn incorrectly on High-DPI displays
  • Fixed #8022: Project launcher: "Keep Opened" in user settings does not keep the launcher opened when opening a project which has the same version as the launcher.
  • Fixed #8021: Dynamic translations: Sometimes translated text is incorrectly formatted, contains "% 1", "% 2", etc.. instead of expected text.
  • Fixed #8020: Dynamic translations: Propertygrid tooltips do not appear until the translation has been received.
  • Fixed #8017: Account creation dialog: Fails automatically setting country for some countries (for instance USA)
  • Fixed #8015: When scanning assets, editor will often fail loading meshes with an error similar to "Unsupported PKMM file version: v75, expecting v1"
  • Fixed #8000: User email should not be displayed directly in menubar of editor windows: Prevents capturing screenshots or videos and posting them publicly without leaking private information.
  • Fixed #7956: When disconnecting a monitor in a multi-monitor setup, if the editor was closed with some windows on the old monitor, it restores them on their old location outside the visible area of the new screen(s), making them invisible
  • Fixed #7954: Mesh importer: Continuously reloads animation file each frame for meshes that have an animation, causes significant slowdown on larger animation files.
  • Fixed #7946: Package import: Performs an unnecessary copy in AppData/Tmp of the extracted package. Causes import of large packages to use twice as much memory as necessary when, despite the memory being deleted afterwards.
  • Fixed #7945: Package import: when importing in a project that has projects settings setup with different paths than the project the package was exported from, editor does not properly remap paths in .pkcf and .pkbo files
  • Fixed #8007: Cannot cleanly upgrade a v1.x project from the v2 editor.
  • Fixed #8006: Cannot copypaste nodes from v1 editor into the v2 nodegraph anymore (since v2.8.4)
  • Fixed #8012: v1 upgrader: Crashes when trying to upgrade an empty script.
  • Fixed #8011: Upgrader: Crashes when hitting ESC while the upgrade is in progress.
  • Fixed #8009: Upgrade window: Allow stopping the upgrade process without waiting til the end.
  • Fixed #8024: UE4: Mesh particles aren't correctly rendered
  • Fixed #8023: UE4: Cannot dynamically change a target actor / component name of skeletal mesh attribute samplers
  • Fixed #7678: UE4: mesh renderer batching ignores if the material was overriden
  • Fixed #7992: AE: When seeking, backdrop mesh doesn't render correctly

Changelog 2.9.5

Builds (jun 10th 2021)

  • Fixed #7788: Curve sampler: step interpolation not working for 3-dimensional curves
  • Fixed #6144: Cylinder surface sampling: Samples are picked on inner-radius even when set to 0 (rare)
  • Fixed #7860: Rendering: Int4 renderer pins aren't accepted as valid types
  • Fixed #7465: GPU Sim: spatial-layers enhancements step2
  • Fixed #7858: Editor backdrops: crash when editing any properties of a backdrop when an effect has mesh attributes with "BindToBackdrop" enabled
  • Fixed #7927: Move Template to File: Instant crash when the template uses other local templates in the file
  • Fixed #7916: Right-click menus 'Show asset in Content-browser' does not always properly select the asset.
  • Fixed #7915: Nodal editor: Ungrouping a node does not propagate overrides correctly to the expanded nodes (exec stage, exec frequency...)
  • Fixed #7870: Nodal editor: Cannot show documentation of builtin nodes via right-click menu (F1 hotkey works fine though)
  • Fixed #7908: Material editor / pkma: Crash when opening any material in some projects
  • Fixed #7913: If a corrupt .pkri is present in the project, it becomes impossible to open any .pkma file
  • Fixed #7914: Content browser: Right clicking on an empty space in a folder and choosing "Upgrade" without any selected assets freezes the editor.
  • Fixed #7911: Ignored paths in project settings are not working
  • Fixed #7869: Shortcuts are not visible in right-click menus (Qt bug, workaround until 2.10 which uses Qt 5.15 where the bug is fixed)
  • Fixed #7868: Translations: Shortcuts displayed in menus get auto-translated. They should not be.
  • Fixed #7761: Effect memory inspector: Silently fails when given an effect that it cannot load, withoug giving any feedback to the user.
  • Fixed #7711: UE4: Triangles that should be sorted aren't
  • Fixed #7710: UE4: Render time performance improvements for Billboard and Ribbon particles
  • Fixed #7926: AE: Attributes are reset when reimporting the effect
  • #7822: AE: Add Skinned mesh support for backdrop and add mesh sampling bind to backdrop

Changelog 2.9.4

Builds (may 27th 2021)

  • #7454: Nodegraph: open web links contained in annotation text in default web browser
  • Fixed #7793: Occasional memory corruption when closing effect editor
  • Fixed #7760: Effect interface: Attribute tooltips are not updated when the attribute description is modified.
  • Fixed #7797: Material editor: Cannot open pkma if a preview effect isn't found. No useful user feedback on what happens.
  • Fixed #7795: Material editor: Closing with modifications, then choosing 'Cancel', causes force-unload of everything. Drag/dropping a feature in the feature list then crashes the editor
  • Fixed #7764: Material editor: Rare crash when effects used in the preview viewport are using a template that suddenly starts using attributes
  • Fixed #7796: Editor: non-explicit error message "Failed loading asset" when opening assets that can only be opened in Developer Mode
  • Fixed #7799: Asset dependencies window: Does not display broken dependencies at all
  • Fixed #7798: Content browser: Broken asset dependencies are still displayed in the asset tooltip, regardless if the file they point to exists or not.
  • Fixed #7759: Allow the user to access its account page from the account/login menu at the top right of the editor windows
  • Fixed #7743: Annotations & auto-translations: Translated text often overflows annotation sizes in some languages, makes it hard to read (most visible in post-its)
  • #7702: UE4: Allow to override effect prewarm time per instance
  • Fixed #7772: Unity: Move Distortion/Blur Shader post process reference to the material Factory
  • Fixed #7789: AE: Hotreloading cause intermittent crashes
  • Fixed #7805: LY: TrackView doesn't support Visible and Time Scale parameters

Changelog 2.9.3

Builds (may 13th 2021)

  • Fixed #7697: Upgrader: Crash when processing upgrade v2.9.0.6568, when auto-export chains from renderer properties go through templates that come from 3 different files or more.
  • Fixed #7714: Upgrader: If public templates were stored in the 'Editor/Templates' folder, the 2.9 upgrader will not properly patch effects using them after moving the folder to 'Editor/Presets'
  • Fixed #7677: GPU sim D3D12: crash when loading a rectangle list for GPU simulation and it is already contained in the resource manager
  • Fixed #7662: Optimizer: layers with no side effects are not properly removed as soon as they contain an 'InfiniteLife' node or a 'self.kill'
  • Fixed #7495: Optimizer: Disabled renderers aren't stripped from descriptors
  • Fixed #7722: PK-RenderHelpers: Triangle particles aren't correctly sorted when BillboardingLocation is VertexShader and sort is required
  • Fixed #7663: Rendering: Crash when disabling effect instance and material is sorted
  • Fixed #7700: Incorrect cubemap lighting on mesh backdrops in non-YUp projects
  • Fixed #7703: Nodal editor: Bad coloring of "Perf" nodal view mode, opening a layer marked as red often shows most of its nodes as green
  • Fixed #7695: Nodal editor: Creating an "EventPayloadExtract" node from a wire pulled from an input pin always auto-wires it into the event pin of the extract node, instead of the value pin.
  • Fixed #7665: Nodal editor: Crash when inlining an external template into a local template having the same name
  • Fixed #7645: Nodal editor: Shows false-positive warnings about unavailable payloads when using platform-switch nodes where event triggers get optimized out.
  • Fixed #7701: Nodal editor: Creating a float3 node through a wire-pull by typing "1, 2, 3" ignores the current project's axis system
  • Fixed #7668: Animated mesh backdrops get desynchronized with sampling when resetting the effect when "FollowsInstances" is disabled
  • Fixed #7667: Sampling scaled animated backdrops ignores the scale when seeking backwards in the timeline
  • Fixed #7728: Content browser: Reindex Assets menu should be accessible outside of developer mode
  • Fixed #7712: JPG loader: Crashes when trying to read a jpg image which is not a jpg image or has a corrupt header
  • Fixed #7704: Localization: Online packages descriptions are not translated
  • Fixed #7688: Editor crashes when launched using any command-line argument that expects a second parameter, without specifying the second parameter
  • Fixed #7708: Project launcher: Project list doesn't always refresh properly when renaming project directories externally
  • Fixed #7705: Project launcher: Sometimes crashes when opening a project too quickly
  • Fixed #7675: Project launcher: Online packages tab: Doesn't display anything when there's a connection error, should at least display a comprehensible explicit message
  • Fixed #7706: Project launcher: Opening project settings from the project launcher and closing them writes the settings file even if no changes were made
  • Fixed #7740: Project launcher: After upgrade a project or changing its settings, the project details panel keeps refreshing, making it almost impossible to change its properties without restarting the editor.
  • Fixed #7633: Creating/pasting large files inside the project while the editor is running sometimes causes the file watcher to not see the new files, and the content browser to not display them.
  • Fixed #7721: UE4: visual flickering when opening effect editor and effect is present in current level
  • Fixed #7676: UE4: Crash when launching PIE and scene contains GPU simulated particles that sample a texture rectangle list (D3D12)
  • Fixed #7674: UE4: Crash if effect produces extremely large bounds
  • Fixed #7666: UE4: Crash when importing an effect containing a local template having the same name as a contained local template
  • Fixed #7664: UE4: Crash when importing effect and distortion texture or static mesh failed to import
  • Fixed #7661: UE4: None of the PopcornFX custom icons are displayed if the FMOD plugin is enabled in the project
  • Fixed #7658: UE4: Crash when selecting emitter and its effect isn't valid anymore and it previously had valid attributes
  • Fixed #7561: UE4: Emissive color support for Billboard, Ribbon and Triangle particles
  • Fixed #7560: UE4: 6Way lightmap material support
  • Fixed #7659: Unity: Material Factory is not correctly created at plugin import.
  • Fixed #7515: Unity: Billboards with float2 size and rotation are incorrectly rendered when using vertex shader billboarding
  • Fixed #7409: Unity: Diffuse Ramp not implemented / not working
  • Fixed #7206: Unity: Correct deformation ribbons are broken in HDRP
  • Fixed #4193: Unity: Add broadcasted events UI on emitter
  • Fixed #7679: AE: Add UI to control seeking.

Changelog 2.9.2

Builds (apr 29th 2021)

  • Fixed #7514: Rendering: CameraSortOffset and GlobalSortOverride is ignored for mesh particles
  • Fixed #7494: Rendering: Billboards with float2 size and rotation are incorrectly rendered when using vertex shader billboarding
  • Fixed #7607: Glitch with transform UV, altas and negative atlas ID (regression since v2.9.0)
  • Fixed #7487: GPU sim: Vertex-color-weighted mesh sampling does not work: Uses uniform sampling, ignores the vertex colors.
  • Fixed #5493: GPU sim D3D12: sampling mesh submesh ids fallback to submesh id 0
  • Fixed #7490: Effect editor: Crash when closing an effect and not saving timeline modifications
  • Fixed #7489: Effect editor: Crash when adding new timeline payload when keyframe is selected
  • Fixed #7520: Effect editor: When using an animated skinned mesh backdrop with multiple sub-meshes, only the first submesh is animated
  • Fixed #7521: Effect editor: Occasional crash when using animated skinned-mesh backdrops and messing too much with the animation file, bug is here since at least v2.5
  • Fixed #7499: Effect editor: Mesh backdrop: Crash when setting an animation that doesn't match the number of bones of the skeletal mesh (more bones in anim than in skeleton).
  • Fixed #7498: Effect editor: Mesh backdrop: Crash when setting both the 'Mesh Path' and 'Animation Path' properties to a file which has only animations, no geometry
  • Fixed #7528: Effect backdrop: Changing grid settings does not properly update attached mesh backdrop when 'FollowInstances' is set to 'true' in the mesh backdrop
  • Fixed #7537: Effect backdrop: Sometimes respawns attached mesh backdrops incorrectly when seeking in the timeline
  • Fixed #7535: Effect backdrop does not properly start animated mesh backdrops when they are set to follow each effect instance
  • Fixed #7629: Effect backdrop setup with an external effect does not load the external effect properly
  • Fixed #7526: Effect editor: Skinned mesh backdrops with rigid-skinned submeshes will produce visual glitches and their first vertex will never be properly skinned
  • Fixed #7525: Effect editor: Still consumes CPU resources for skinning backdrops even when out of focus and in CPU saving mode
  • Fixed #7530: Mesh importer: Importing animations has terrible performance, extremely slow
  • Fixed #7502: Mesh importer: Does not display animation information when no geometry is imported
  • Fixed #7523: Mesh importer: Switching project axis system does not update some panels & visual infos in the viewport (such as mesh bboxes)
  • Fixed #7616: Mesh importer: UV panel should show a single UV set at any one time. Currently shows UVs of all meshes on top of each other
  • Fixed #7497: Mesh importer: Assert when importing a mesh with a skeleton but no geometry
  • Fixed #7522: Mesh importer: Some skeletal animations are imported with an incorrect axis system
  • Fixed #7519: Mesh importer: Memory panel shows no information about the footprint of the animation files
  • Fixed #7518: Mesh importer: Imported animation files are always imported as text instead of binary, causes ~4-5x large file than necessary
  • Fixed #7615: Occasional crash when editor background-analyzes effects which contain animtrack samplers or animtrack backdrops
  • Fixed #7501: Propertygrid: Asset picker does not display helpful information for skinned meshes & animations.
  • Fixed #7532: Propertygrid: Asset picker has no tooltip, hard to use with long file paths, requires resizing the UI
  • Fixed #7617: Animated thumbnails: Cannot capture animated thumbnails from the Mesh, VectorField, and FeatureSet viewports, only from the Effect viewport.
  • Fixed #7619: Animated thumbnails: Attempting to capture a static thumbnail while an animated thumbnail is being captured messes-up the static tumbnails and stops the animated thumbnail capture.
  • Fixed #7410: Animated thumbnails: Resetting the effect while an animated thumbnail is being captured messes-up D3D rendering, ends up crashing when closing the editor
  • Fixed #7597: Sometimes crashes when upgrading a project to the next version (ex: 2.8 -> 2.9), opening the project, then reverting it back and opening it with the previous version
  • Fixed #7531: Content browser: Animation length of animation files is displayed truncated to the nearest integer. Animations below 1 second are displayed as having no animation.
  • Fixed #7513: Texture viewer: sampling preview ignores RGBA filter
  • Fixed #7570: FXAA post-effect does not work in mesh importer window, only in effect editor
  • Fixed #7630: PNG loader fails loading some images due to internal libpng error, causes memory leaks
  • Fixed #4605: UE4: Some effects fail to load in cooked builds
  • Fixed #7609: UE4: Compilation errors when cooking project on Win64
  • Fixed #7608: UE4: Collision filters aren't correct when creating new UE4 project
  • Fixed #7492: UE4: PopcornFXScene bounds are incorrect, leading to rendering artefacts and prevents culling
  • Fixed #7491: UE4: Bounds are not displayed when selecting PopcornFXSceneComponent and "Bounds" debug mode is enabled in UE4 viewport
  • Fixed #7493: UE4: Active draw batch count isn't displayed anymore in PopcornFX stats

Changelog 2.9.1

Builds (Apr 22nd 2021)

  • Fixed #7300: Random crash when opening or recompiling effects
  • Fixed #7446: Editor: upgrade v2.9.0.6568 breaks auto-exported values on layer nodes
  • Fixed #5492: GPU sim D3D11: particles are not visible when sampling a mesh
  • Fixed #6475: GPU sim D3D12: Small memory leak when using curve samplers
  • Fixed #7408: Curve-folding to polynomial function breaks the VRP analysis (so some optimizations are missed)
  • Fixed #7407: CPU billboarding: incorrect U axis computation
  • Fixed #7308: Material editor: can't undo after saving
  • Fixed #6731: Changing curves does not properly update the value-range of the sampler node output pin
  • Fixed #7445: Animated thumbnails: Editor does not warn about unused dangling animated thumbnails, unlike regular thumbnails.
  • Fixed #7444: Animated thumbnails: Not properly renamed when renaming the effect
  • Fixed #7442: Animated thumbnails: Selecting multiple assets with animated thumbs excessively degrates UI performance
  • Fixed #7441: Animated thumbnails: Not included in a package when exporting an effect into a package.
  • Fixed #7404: Animated thumbnails: Zero user feedback when the capture is running and when it has finished. If the effect editor is closed before it's finished, the thumbnail is not saved.
  • Fixed #7479: UE4: Occasional crash when billboard particles are rendered with CPU billboarding and scene casts shadows
  • Fixed #7448: UE4: plugin prevents blueprint nativization if blueprint contains any reference to PopcornFX
  • Fixed #7464: Unity: Standalone build is broken in legacy rendering pipeline
  • Fixed #7462: Unity: Atlas rendering feature is disabled after importing effects
  • #6506: Unity: Added support for triangle Renderer
  • Fixed #7438: AE: expose downsampling params to Image/Video samplers

Changelog 2.9.0

Builds (Apr 9th 2021)

  • Windows: PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.exe
  • macOS: PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.pkg
  • Linux: PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.tgz

Assets & core-lib

  • Fixed #7016: The self.age node doesn't properly take the effect time-scale into account
  • Fixed #6992: Dynamics node: Expose as a public template
  • Fixed #6233: Rigid VATs diffuse color is taken into account while it shouldn't
  • Fixed #7399: Event multiplier: Allow triggering 'OnDeath' event even when effect is stopped
  • #7036: EventVersionSwitch, VersionTest, VersionSwitch nodes are incorrectly named
  • #6997: Render-features: Write proper descriptions for input pins
  • #6996: Timer node: Expose "Enabled" and "TimeScale" pins by default, don't expose "Start" and "Stop" by default
  • #6991: Physics node: Add new output "DistanceTravelled"
  • #6833: Add 'view position to world', 'view direction to world', 'world position to view', and 'world direction to view' helper nodes
  • #6766: Texture node: 'SampleGammaSpace' property is confusing, split into more explicit 'SourceGamma' and 'OutputGamma' properties


  • Fixed #7071: GPU sim: layers containing several texture samples fallback to CPU sim
  • Fixed #6422: Particle mediums consume lots of "non-particle" memory.
  • #7304: GPU sim PS5: Initial implementation of the GPU simulation for PS5
  • #5356: GPU sim: add support for ribbon renderers in editor
  • #7398: GPU Sim: First implemention of spatial-layers
  • #7239: GPU sim: view.orientation is not implemented
  • #6958: GPU sim D3D12: Poor performance and high CPU overhead


  • Fixed #7327: Rendering interface editor: several rendering feature with the same name can be added while it's not supported
  • Fixed #7326: Rendering interface editor: several rendering feature properties with the same name can be added while it's not supported
  • Fixed #7310: Rendering interface editor: rendering feature properties do not refresh after adding new properties
  • Fixed #7060: Ribbon CPU bb: correct deformation discrepancy in regards with flip U-V
  • #7372: Texture atlases: Lifted limit of 16x16 tiles
  • #6872: Rendering: Clamp diffuse alpha to 0-1 range
  • #6757: Rendering interface: hide unrecognized properties when editing rendering feature properties
  • #6561: Rendering: 6-way lightmap example material
  • #6560: 2D Volumetric rendering example material for billboard particles
  • #7565: Materials: Volumetric rendering example material
  • #6436: Materials: new set of experimental materials with factorized shader code
  • #6051: Shader - Transform UVs Rotate (change Radians to degrees)
  • #7564: Material editor: Add support for including external shader files
  • #2825: Material editor: 3D viewport


  • #7567: Experimental UI auto-translation using google translate API
  • Fixed #7376: Editor: importing a package does not generate version control transactions
  • Fixed #7325: Editor: Upgrading a project sometimes corrupts the written version on the upgraded .pkproj file
  • Fixed #7321: Editor: crash when using a material containing duplicated rendering feature properties
  • Fixed #6942: Asset picker: pasting an absolute file path with backslashes, that is contained in the project is not accepted as a valid input
  • Fixed #6848: Asset baker: baking dependencies bakes resources while they are unused by the effect
  • Fixed #5418: Asset dependencies window: Does not remember window layout / size.
  • #6782: Editor: move effects presets into a different folder
  • #6563: Editor: effects runtime memory inspector / visualization
  • #7503: Editor: Evaluate simple math expressions in property grid numerical text boxes
  • #6375: Content browser: Display mesh asset details (triangle count, vertex count, submesh count, animation info, ...)
  • #6374: Content browser: Display vector-field asset details (dimensions, format)
  • #6373: Content browser: Display texture asset details (dimensions, format)
  • #5736: Content browser: Content browser: Animated effect thumbnails
  • #6371: Mesh importer: Add option to clamp UV & Color streams to predetermined values (ex: [0,1] range)
  • #6349: Mesh importer: add default color generation option for imported meshes that do not have a valid color stream
  • #6377: Mesh importer: Allow displaying a default debug checkerboard texture to visualize UV mapping & density in the viewport
  • #6348: Editor: focus assets selected in package importer window after import is complete
  • #6448: Editor: Allow controlling '3D_Coordinates' attributes using the viewport gizmo
  • #4606: View .pkpr files in the editor: Double-click on a .pkpr to open it

Editor (macOS)

  • Fixed #7320: macOS editor: EXR files cannot be loaded
  • Fixed #3738: macOS editor displays no particles on some machines.
  • Fixed #7354: RHI: CopyTexture not implemented on Metal, breaks multiple editor features (cubemaps, animated thumbnails, ...)
  • Many fixes on the macOS editor build

Effect editor

  • Fixed #7312: Curve editor: When curve quality is not 'Exact', the curve editor doesn't display the real lower-precision curve that gets sampled at runtime
  • Fixed #7234: Selecting light renderers while paused causes a display glitch
  • #7392: Animtrack backdrop: Cannot be offset/rotated/scaled
  • #6760: Improve granularity of progressbar when opening an effect that takes a long time to open
  • #6752: Display material thumbnail in renderer property grid
  • #5951: Curves: Add 'step' mode in addition to 'linear' and 'spline'
  • #1286: Compiler panel: Display combined timings and stats of all selected instructions

Nodal editor

  • Fixed #7074: Editor: can't auto-export properties sharing the same name from a renderer even if they are from different rendering features
  • Fixed #6834: Curve preset 'blackbody normalized' can't be used as a 'Color' curve like the other color gradients, because it's a float3 curve, not a float4 curve
  • #7236: Nodal editor search: Add an option to search only in the current effect: IE, don't dive into external templates
  • #6486: Nodal editor: Make it more visually explicit when viewing a sim interface graph.

Graph compiler & optimizer

  • Fixed #7001: Graph compiler warning: Reading uninitialized variable
  • Fixed #6761: ISPC sim: Fails compiling when layer uses 'sim.isRunningOnGPU()' or 'sim.backendType()'
  • Fixed #6238: Compilation pipeline freezes (AssetBaker, EffectEditor), whenever a commandline freezes. Add user-configurable timeout.
  • #6748: Compiler: Fold curves to polynomial functions when they are cheaper to evaluate

Plugins & Third-Party

UE4 plugin

  • Fixed #7306: UE4: PopcornFX SDK profile nodes do not appear in Unreal Insights in UE4.26
  • Fixed #7298: UE4: Occasional crashes when manually reloading effects in editor or when re-importing an effect, while it has GPU simulated layers active
  • #7274: UE4: Prompt to patch distortion textures when importing effects
  • #6971: UE4: Effects played in editor should have the 'editor' tag, allowing to keep debug display in editor but stripped in cooked builds
  • #6892: UE4: GPU simulation settings rework
  • #6891: UE4: HUD profiler improvements
  • #6890: UE4: Prewarm support
  • #4273: UE4: Scalability settings support

Unity plugin

  • Fixed #7383: Unity: Bool attribute default values are ignored
  • Fixed #7370: Unity: DefaultMaterialFactory default values are null
  • #4054: Unity: Add support for TransformAllParticles()

Lumberyard plugin

  • #7221: LY: Handle overdraw debug in PopcornFX shaders
  • #6898: LY: Prewarm support

After-effects plugin

  • Fixed #5838: AE: Reloading Fx doesn't refresh it if new version is available
  • #5960: AE: Added Reimport button in emitter interface to hotreload effects


  • v2.9.0.4341: Renderer transform UVs feature: rotation now with angle semantic (expressed as degrees)
  • v2.9.0.4890: Texture node: Split 'SampleGammaSpace' property into 'SourceGamma' and 'OutputGamma'
  • v2.9.0.4990: Move & rename 'Editor/Templates/*.pkfx' to 'Editor/Presets/Effects/*.pkfx'
  • v2.9.0.4991: PopcornProject.pkproj: Renamed 'Editor/Templates' to more appropriate 'Editor/Presets'
  • v2.9.0.6030: Material shaders: Upgrade project settings allowed extensions for shader includes
  • v2.9.0.6079: Texture UVs feature: Fixed rotation applied before flip when no correct deformation
  • v2.9.0.6139: Renamed 'VersionSwitch' / 'VersionTest' nodes to 'BuildTagSwitch' / 'BuildTagTest'
  • v2.9.0.6246: Prefix parent rendering feature name to all CParticleNodeTemplateExport 'ExportedName' properties of .pkri files
  • v2.9.0.6304: .frag: rects are now get from raw buffer instead of fragment input
  • v2.9.0.6357: Add new Corelib files
  • v2.9.0.6358: Corelib upgrade
  • v2.9.0.6568: Patch effects CParticleNodePinIn 'SelfName' property: Following, all template input pins connected with auto-exported nodes coming from a renderer need to be renamed into the renderer pin's full name. This upgrade can also touch CParticleNodeTemplateExport 'ExportedName' and 'CategoryName' of some pins Connected with template inputs themselves linked with auto-exported renderer pins.
  • v2.9.0.6714: Corelib upgrade

Content examples update

New "Samples" effects

6Way Lightmap Parallax raymarching Texture raymarching
6way lightmap material for billboards
2D fake volumetric billboards
Volumetric rendering with raymarched texture