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Released Apr 9th 2021.
make sure you upgrade your runtime / plugins as well before switching to this version.

! IMPORTANT ! After upgrading a project to 2.9.0, make sure you clear your shader-cache by doing 'Edit > Clear shader cache' !

Release highlights

New material: 6way lightmap Initial support for GPU spatial layers New material: Parallax raymarch Animated thumbnails
New material: 6way lightmap Initial GPU support for spatial layers New material: Parallax raymarch Animated thumbnails


64-bits Windows build MacOS build Linux-64 build
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.1.6906_x64.exe (Latest) NewIcon.png
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.1.6906_x64.pkg [Experimental] (Latest) NewIcon.png
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.pkg [Experimental]
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.1.6906_x64.tgz (Latest) NewIcon.png

Changelog 2.9.1

Builds (Apr 22nd 2021)

  • Editor
  • UE4 Plugin
    • Desktop: UE4PopcornFXPlugin-2.9.1_Win64_Linux64_Mac64.7z
    • Mobile: UE4PopcornFXPlugin-2.9.1_iOS_Android.7z
  • Unity Plugin
    • Windows: 2021_04_22-PopcornFXPlugin2.9.1(2.9.1)Win-UnityStore.tar
    • HDRP Package: 2021_04_22-PopcornFXPlugin-HDRP-2.9.1(2.9.1)-UnityStore.tar
    • URP Package: 2021_04_22-PopcornFXPlugin-URP-2.9.1(2.9.1)-UnityStore.tar
  • AfterEffects Plugin
    • Windows: AfterEffects_PopcornFX_SDK_2.9.1-6906_x64_vs2017.7z

  • Fixed #7300: Random crash when opening or recompiling effects
  • Fixed #7446: Editor: upgrade v2.9.0.6568 breaks auto-exported values on layer nodes
  • Fixed #5492: GPU sim D3D11: particles are not visible when sampling a mesh
  • Fixed #6475: GPU sim D3D12: Small memory leak when using curve samplers
  • Fixed #7408: Curve-folding to polynomial function breaks the VRP analysis (so some optimizations are missed)
  • Fixed #7407: CPU billboarding: incorrect U axis computation
  • Fixed #7308: Material editor: can't undo after saving
  • Fixed #7445: Animated thumbnails: Editor does not warn about unused dangling animated thumbnails, unlike regular thumbnails.
  • Fixed #7444: Animated thumbnails: Not properly renamed when renaming the effect
  • Fixed #7442: Animated thumbnails: Selecting multiple assets with animated thumbs excessively degrates UI performance
  • Fixed #7441: Animated thumbnails: Not included in a package when exporting an effect into a package.
  • Fixed #7404: Animated thumbnails: Zero user feedback when the capture is running and when it has finished. If the effect editor is closed before it's finished, the thumbnail is not saved.
  • Fixed #7479: UE4: Occasional crash when billboard particles are rendered with CPU billboarding and scene casts shadows
  • Fixed #7448: UE4: plugin prevents blueprint nativization if blueprint contains any reference to PopcornFX
  • Fixed #7464: Unity: Standalone build is broken in legacy rendering pipeline
  • Fixed #7462: Unity: Atlas rendering feature is disabled after importing effects
  • #6506: Unity: Added support for triangle Renderer
  • Fixed #7438: AE: expose downsampling params to Image/Video samplers

Changelog 2.9.0

Builds (Apr 9th 2021)

  • Windows: PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.exe
  • macOS: PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.pkg
  • Linux: PopcornFX-Editor_v2.9.0.6738_x64.tgz

Assets & core-lib

  • Fixed #7016: The self.age node doesn't properly take the effect time-scale into account
  • Fixed #6992: Dynamics node: Expose as a public template
  • Fixed #6233: Rigid VATs diffuse color is taken into account while it shouldn't
  • Fixed #7399: Event multiplier: Allow triggering 'OnDeath' event even when effect is stopped
  • #7036: EventVersionSwitch, VersionTest, VersionSwitch nodes are incorrectly named
  • #6997: Render-features: Write proper descriptions for input pins
  • #6996: Timer node: Expose "Enabled" and "TimeScale" pins by default, don't expose "Start" and "Stop" by default
  • #6991: Physics node: Add new output "DistanceTravelled"
  • #6833: Add 'view position to world', 'view direction to world', 'world position to view', and 'world direction to view' helper nodes
  • #6766: Texture node: 'SampleGammaSpace' property is confusing, split into more explicit 'SourceGamma' and 'OutputGamma' properties


  • Fixed #7071: GPU sim: layers containing several texture samples fallback to CPU sim
  • Fixed #6422: Particle mediums consume lots of "non-particle" memory.
  • #7304: GPU sim PS5: Initial implementation of the GPU simulation for PS5
  • #5356: GPU sim: add support for ribbon renderers in editor
  • #7398: GPU Sim: First implemention of spatial-layers
  • #7239: GPU sim: view.orientation is not implemented
  • #6958: GPU sim D3D12: Poor performance and high CPU overhead


  • Fixed #7327: Rendering interface editor: several rendering feature with the same name can be added while it's not supported
  • Fixed #7326: Rendering interface editor: several rendering feature properties with the same name can be added while it's not supported
  • Fixed #7310: Rendering interface editor: rendering feature properties do not refresh after adding new properties
  • Fixed #7060: Ribbon CPU bb: correct deformation discrepancy in regards with flip U-V
  • #7372: Texture atlases: Lifted limit of 16x16 tiles
  • #6872: Rendering: Clamp diffuse alpha to 0-1 range
  • #6757: Rendering interface: hide unrecognized properties when editing rendering feature properties
  • #6561: Rendering: 6-way lightmap example material
  • #6560: 2D Volumetric rendering example material for billboard particles
  • #6051: Shader - Transform UVs Rotate (change Radians to degrees)
  • #2825: Material editor: 3D viewport


  • Fixed #7376: Editor: importing a package does not generate version control transactions
  • Fixed #7325: Editor: Upgrading a project sometimes corrupts the written version on the upgraded .pkproj file
  • Fixed #7321: Editor: crash when using a material containing duplicated rendering feature properties
  • Fixed #6942: Asset picker: pasting an absolute file path with backslashes, that is contained in the project is not accepted as a valid input
  • Fixed #6848: Asset baker: baking dependencies bakes resources while they are unused by the effect
  • Fixed #5418: Asset dependencies window: Does not remember window layout / size.
  • #6782: Editor: move effects presets into a different folder
  • #6563: Editor: effects runtime memory inspector / visualization
  • #6375: Content browser: Display mesh asset details (triangle count, vertex count, submesh count, animation info, ...)
  • #6374: Content browser: Display vector-field asset details (dimensions, format)
  • #6373: Content browser: Display texture asset details (dimensions, format)
  • #5736: Content browser: Content browser: Animated effect thumbnails
  • #6371: Mesh importer: Add option to clamp UV & Color streams to predetermined values (ex: [0,1] range)
  • #6349: Mesh importer: add default color generation option for imported meshes that do not have a valid color stream
  • #6377: Mesh importer: Allow displaying a default debug checkerboard texture to visualize UV mapping & density in the viewport
  • #6348: Editor: focus assets selected in package importer window after import is complete
  • #4606: View .pkpr files in the editor: Double-click on a .pkpr to open it

Editor (macOS)

  • Fixed #7320: macOS editor: EXR files cannot be loaded
  • Fixed #3738: macOS editor displays no particles on some machines.
  • Fixed #7354: RHI: CopyTexture not implemented on Metal, breaks multiple editor features (cubemaps, animated thumbnails, ...)
  • Many fixes on the macOS editor build

Effect editor

  • Fixed #7312: Curve editor: When curve quality is not 'Exact', the curve editor doesn't display the real lower-precision curve that gets sampled at runtime
  • Fixed #7234: Selecting light renderers while paused causes a display glitch
  • #7392: Animtrack backdrop: Cannot be offset/rotated/scaled
  • #6760: Improve granularity of progressbar when opening an effect that takes a long time to open
  • #6752: Display material thumbnail in renderer property grid
  • #5951: Curves: Add 'step' mode in addition to 'linear' and 'spline'
  • #1286: Compiler panel: Display combined timings and stats of all selected instructions

Nodal editor

  • Fixed #7074: Editor: can't auto-export properties sharing the same name from a renderer even if they are from different rendering features
  • Fixed #6834: Curve preset 'blackbody normalized' can't be used as a 'Color' curve like the other color gradients, because it's a float3 curve, not a float4 curve
  • #7236: Nodal editor search: Add an option to search only in the current effect: IE, don't dive into external templates
  • #6486: Nodal editor: Make it more visually explicit when viewing a sim interface graph.

Graph compiler & optimizer

  • Fixed #7001: Graph compiler warning: Reading uninitialized variable
  • Fixed #6761: ISPC sim: Fails compiling when layer uses 'sim.isRunningOnGPU()' or 'sim.backendType()'
  • Fixed #6238: Compilation pipeline freezes (AssetBaker, EffectEditor), whenever a commandline freezes. Add user-configurable timeout.
  • #6748: Compiler: Fold curves to polynomial functions when they are cheaper to evaluate

Plugins & Third-Party

UE4 plugin

  • Fixed #7306: UE4: PopcornFX SDK profile nodes do not appear in Unreal Insights in UE4.26
  • Fixed #7298: UE4: Occasional crashes when manually reloading effects in editor or when re-importing an effect, while it has GPU simulated layers active
  • #7274: UE4: Prompt to patch distortion textures when importing effects
  • #6971: UE4: Effects played in editor should have the 'editor' tag, allowing to keep debug display in editor but stripped in cooked builds
  • #6892: UE4: GPU simulation settings rework
  • #6891: UE4: HUD profiler improvements
  • #6890: UE4: Prewarm support
  • #4273: UE4: Scalability settings support

Unity plugin

  • Fixed #7383: Unity: Bool attribute default values are ignored
  • Fixed #7370: Unity: DefaultMaterialFactory default values are null
  • #4054: Unity: Add support for TransformAllParticles()

Lumberyard plugin

  • #7221: LY: Handle overdraw debug in PopcornFX shaders
  • #6898: LY: Prewarm support

After-effects plugin

  • Fixed #5838: AE: Reloading Fx doesn't refresh it if new version is available
  • #5960: AE: Added Reimport button in emitter interface to hotreload effects


  • v2.9.0.4341: Renderer transform UVs feature: rotation now with angle semantic (expressed as degrees)
  • v2.9.0.4890: Texture node: Split 'SampleGammaSpace' property into 'SourceGamma' and 'OutputGamma'
  • v2.9.0.4990: Move & rename 'Editor/Templates/*.pkfx' to 'Editor/Presets/Effects/*.pkfx'
  • v2.9.0.4991: PopcornProject.pkproj: Renamed 'Editor/Templates' to more appropriate 'Editor/Presets'
  • v2.9.0.6030: Material shaders: Upgrade project settings allowed extensions for shader includes
  • v2.9.0.6079: Texture UVs feature: Fixed rotation applied before flip when no correct deformation
  • v2.9.0.6139: Renamed 'VersionSwitch' / 'VersionTest' nodes to 'BuildTagSwitch' / 'BuildTagTest'
  • v2.9.0.6246: Prefix parent rendering feature name to all CParticleNodeTemplateExport 'ExportedName' properties of .pkri files
  • v2.9.0.6304: .frag: rects are now get from raw buffer instead of fragment input
  • v2.9.0.6357: Add new Corelib files
  • v2.9.0.6358: Corelib upgrade
  • v2.9.0.6568: Patch effects CParticleNodePinIn 'SelfName' property: Following, all template input pins connected with auto-exported nodes coming from a renderer need to be renamed into the renderer pin's full name. This upgrade can also touch CParticleNodeTemplateExport 'ExportedName' and 'CategoryName' of some pins Connected with template inputs themselves linked with auto-exported renderer pins.
  • v2.9.0.6714: Corelib upgrade

Content examples update

New "Samples" effects

6Way Lightmap Parallax raymarching Texture raymarching
6way lightmap material for billboards
2D fake volumetric billboards
Volumetric rendering with raymarched texture