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Released Mar 30th 2020. (preview-1 released Mar 19th 2020)
make sure you upgrade your runtime / plugins as well before switching to this version.

Looking for version 1 of popcorn ? Go to the latest v1.x editor

Release highlights

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64-bits Windows build MacOS build Linux-64 build
Build pending (Latest) NewIcon.png
Build pending [Experimental] (Latest) NewIcon.png
Build pending (Latest) NewIcon.png

Plugin status

  • UE4 plugin status : Not yet available for v2.5.0
  • Unity plugin status : Not yet available for v2.5.0 (contact us)

Changelog 2.5.0

Builds (Mar 30th 2020)

  • Windows: Build pending
  • macOS: Build pending
  • Linux: Build pending


Nodal editor

  • Fixed #4370: Picking colors in nodegraph UI & color-picker is not gamma-correct
  • Fixed #4396: Renderers: Picking a new feature-set in any renderer node always pops file browser window at project root
  • Fixed #2423: Hard to resize annotate box
  • #4313: Improved error message when a non-existing submeshID is used
  • #4262: Templates: When disabling node, allow specifying which input should passthrough into which output.
  • #4183: Nodal editor search: Keep a list of recent searches & save settings from one editor launch to another
  • #3996: Auto-exporting a property which other properties depend on now makes those other properties visible regardless of the current visibility rules, so you can auto-export them as well if needed.

New script functions

  • #4232: Expose script function to extract side, up, and forward axes from an orientation: 'orientation_axisSide', 'orientation_axisUp', and 'orientation_axisForward', as well as corresponding corelib helper nodes: 'orientation.axisSide/Up/Forward', and 'orientation.basisVectors', which outputs all 3

Graph compiler & optimizer

  • Fixed #4321: Compiler: incorrect constant-folding and instruction-combination with 'log'/'log2' math functions
  • Fixed #4286: Layergraph payload optimizer: hitting the max iteration count on certain FXs
  • #4240: Optimizer ICB: detect basis vector extraction from effect orientation and combine into simpler effect axis getter
  • #4239: Optimizer ICB: detect rotation of a basis vector by an orientation and simplify into a basis vector extraction from the orientation + a mul


  • Fixed #4401: Curve probability sampling / CDF: When two curve keyframes have the same 'x' coordinate, breaks the CDF and makes it uniform
  • Fixed #4400: Texture sampler: Texture specified through an inline template property are always converted to BGRA8 at runtime and loose all HDR information
  • Fixed #4399: Texture sampler: Cannot sample the density of a texture specified through an inline template property, only works with an actual texture node.
  • Fixed #4391: view.distance() and view.unprojectedAxis() return an incorrect value when no camera views are registered in-engine. They should return +inf
  • Fixed #4390: Curve sampler: Crashes on x86-SSE machines when sampled with a NaN value
  • Fixed #4303: Curve integral in "Spline" mode is incorrect when control-point segments do not have the same length, produces broken CDF curves.
  • Fixed #4294: Some orientation helper nodes with nothing wired in produces a NaN orientation (orientation from forward, from up, from forward up, and from axis angle)
  • Fixed #4403: Mesh sampler: Always reformats vertex-buffer when loading effect, even when format is fine. Wastes time for no reason
  • #4172: Sim interfaces: Allow "partial" binding of sim interfaces when not all inputs are needed by the actual implementation

Simulation: GPU

  • Fixed #3997: Fullintegration Globe_01.pkfx glitch at effect start on GPU


  • #3967: Unify meaning of "Size" property between planar-aligned billboards and other billboard types: "Size" is now the particle radius for all billboard types. Was previously radius for all except planar, where it was the diameter.
  • #3940: Add GPU particles support for vertex shader billboarded particles
  • #3939: Add slicing support for vertex shader billboarded particles
  • #1523: Add default renderer/material/shader to avoid invisible particles
  • Fixed #4326: Default material does not work with vertex shader billboarded particles
  • Fixed #4323: Rotation is inverted for planar aligned billboard with vertex billboarding
  • Fixed #4306: Incorrect display of editor cubemaps in overdraw view
  • Fixed #2005: Incorrect display of debug shapes in overdraw view
  • Fixed #4119: Particles disappear when modifying renderer properties
  • Fixed #4235: CPU-billboarding: normals and tangents are not rotated for screen-aligned billboards
  • Fixed #4288: Useless texture fetch for alpha when using an AlphaTest Opaque material


  • #4407: Image loaders: Add support for .hdr files
  • #4292: Add experimental version-control settings to make life with perforce easier
  • Fixed #4349: Hot reload: Meshes hot reload doesn't work until assets are manually built
  • Fixed #4348: Hot reload: D3D12 Rendering API crash when removing/renaming texture used by rendering
  • Fixed #4347: Hot reload: Samplers do not refresh when used resource is removed/renamed
  • Fixed #4346: Hot reload: Renaming a file outside editor does not trigger a refresh of the resource
  • Fixed #4327: Hot reload: Render system does not pick up deletion notifications
  • Fixed #4296: Crash when importing package from an older version with different library directory setup than target project

Effect editor

  • #2383: Viewport: add color saturation in the post-FX parameters
  • Fixed #4369: crash when two renderers are compatible feature-wise, but have mismatching billboarding modes, and are rendered using vertex shader billboarding

Mesh importer

  • #4298: Mesh importer: Add "Import" button to manually reimport after having changed some settings
  • #4293: Add Granny mesh importer: Allow using .gr2 meshes

Material editor

  • Fixed #4389: Material editor takes a long time to open
  • Fixed #4322: Material editor: huge stall on main thread when launching async shader compilation
  • Fixed #4319: Material editor: huge performance hit when shaders are compiling

Content browser

  • Fixed #4300: Baking/importing assets ignores the list of allowed asset extensions setup in the project settings
  • Fixed #4275: Occasional crash on editor startup during asynchronous effect analysis


  • New upgrader @ v2.5.0.62099: Renamed corelib templates. (ex: 'OrientationFromForward' -> 'orientation.fromForward', 'SceneProperties' -> '')
  • New upgrader @ v2.5.0.62233: Unify meaning of 'Size' property between planar-aligned billboards and other billboard types: Change 'Size' to always mean the radius
  • New upgrader @ v2.5.0.62501: User configuration file: Reorganized/renamed some settings
  • New upgrader @ v2.5.0.63107: Upgraded corelib files

Assets & core-lib

  • #4398: Templates corelib: New 'Timer' template, that counts the elapsed time since started, with 'Start' and 'Stop' bool inputs
  • #4397: Templates corelib: New 'Counter' template that counts the number of times an input condition is 'true'
  • #4297: Templates corelib: New 'PivotMesh' helper template to specify a pivot to a mesh renderer
  • #4249: Templates corelib: New autoinlined templates
  • #4230: Templates corelib: 'TimeBasedCursor' is now available as a public template
  • #4228: Templates corelib: Add ability to rotate vector-field in physics node and vector-field sample node
  • #4227: Templates corelib: Add 'transform inverse' node to complete existing 'transform' node
  • #4225: Templates corelib: 'effect.orientation' : Add static orientation offset like in 'OrientationFromXXX' nodes
  • #4224: Templates corelib: 'OrientationFromEuler' template is not axis-system independent, and inconsistent with OrientationFromXXX templates
  • #4242: Templates corelib: 'EventMultiplier' adds new payloads to its output event
  • #4105: Added scene wind support in Physics node
  • #4395: Fork 'SmallPointAA' to 'SmallPointAA_Attribute', and make original 'SmallPointAA' not automatically expose an attribute
  • Fixed #4394: 'SmallPointAA' template: Behaves badly when no camera views are registered in-engine: produces infinite sizes
  • Fixed #4162: Templates corelib: 'Collision' template: Particles fall through the floor
  • Fixed #4320: Templates corelib: 'PreviousFrameValue' node doesn't work with 'bool' types
  • Fixed #4226: Templates corelib: 'OrientationInvert' node cannot be used without an input: Produces compile error



  • #4361: UE4: Improve auto scene actor creation
  • #4332: UE4: Add support for volumetric fog particles
  • #4055: UE4: Hook onto scoped profile nodes so PopcornFX profiler nodes appear in UE Insights
  • Fixed #4362: UE4: Vertex shader billboarding mismatch with PK-Editor rendering
  • Fixed #4334: UE4: ParticlePosition, ParticleSize, ParticleRadius are incorrect when using vertex shader billboarding
  • Fixed #3875: UE4: Enabled pin not supported for light and sound renderers


  • #4011: Unity: Support exported events
  • #4010: Unity. Add Option to enable localized pages
  • #4005: Unity: Implem DX12 RenderAPIData
  • #4002: Unity: Make distortion work with GPU billboarding

Content examples update

New "Tutorials" effects

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