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Released Mar 31st 2022.
make sure you upgrade your runtime / plugins as well before switching to this version.

! IMPORTANT ! After upgrading a project to 2.12.0, make sure you clear your shader-cache by doing 'Edit > Clear shader cache' !

Note: UE4 & UE5 plugin archives are provided as 7z archives for better compression. They can be extracted using 7zip.

Release highlights

PK-Editor RenderTarget sampling GPU sim: Depth collisions in-viewport edition of 3D curves Marketplace package contents view
PK-Editor RenderTarget sampling GPU sim: Depth collisions in-viewport edition of 3D curves Marketplace package contents view

PopcornFX 2.12 release highlights livestream

Starting at v2.12.0, the full sources of the UnrealEngine, Unity, and O3DE plugins are freely available on github:

Source code is available for everyone, can be freely used, modified and shared under the Community License terms.


64-bits Windows build MacOS build Linux-64 build
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.12.7.13683_x64.exe (Latest) NewIcon.png
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.12.7.13683_x64.pkg (Latest) NewIcon.png
PopcornFX-Editor_v2.12.7.13683_x64.tgz (Latest) NewIcon.png

Changelog 2.12.7

Builds (Jul 07th 2022)

  • Fixed #11210: When project has customized Editor/AnimationTracks folder path, default corelib animation tracks are not seen as part of the corelib and do not pop warning messagebox when trying to modify them.
  • Fixed #11154: Vault & Marketplace hide all files under 'Library' folder, should only hide PopcornFXCore
  • Fixed #11203: SampleCDF is broken in shipping when used with simple curves
  • Fixed #11169: UnrealEngine: Pooled vertex & index buffers used for particles rendering leak when a PopcornFXSceneActor is destroyed

Changelog 2.12.6

Builds (Jun 23rd 2022)

  • Fixed #10489: MacOS: some files have invalid permissions in the installer package
  • Fixed #11036: Nodal editor: In a template, categories with no visible property are displayed empty when first selecting the node. Disappear when clicked.
  • Fixed #10477: Nodal editor: Wires in 90-degrees display mode do not hover properly
  • Fixed #11034: Lighting is broken on animated mesh backdrops
  • Fixed #10476: Setting the effect loop delay in the viewport toolbar and Ctrl+Z-ing does not update the value in the toolbar
  • Fixed #8053: Texture viewer: wrong texel value displayed for any BGR8 image (mostly .jpg files)
  • Fixed #10556: Editor happily restores autosave backups even if they are corrupt, therefore corrupting the effect with no way to undo the damage.
  • Fixed #10519: Project details panel: "Import in project" and "Create new project" buttons are active even if package is not downloaded locally. No feedback as to why it doesn't work.
  • Fixed #8433: Create project from package: Clicking "Cancel" on the dialog listing all files that will be imported still leaves the new project in the project list
  • Fixed #10504: Project launcher: Project & marketplace package descriptions are truncated if they are longer than the available UI space
  • Fixed #10502: Login dialog occasionally pops up even when 'Remember Me' is checked
  • Fixed #10484: Marketplace: package content preview tab displays 'Import in project' and 'Create new project' buttons even if current license level does not permit downloading the package
  • Fixed #10505: Marketplace package details view: Treeview tooltips do not display file size and folder infos
  • Fixed #10552: Marketplace package details view: Hitting 'prev' and 'next' mouse buttons on top of the asset treeview selects the asset instead of doing the prev/next action
  • Fixed #10455: UnrealEngine: extremely long bounds computation time on the main thread
  • Fixed #10454: UnrealEngine: AlphaBlended ribbons do not support Lit or LegacyLit rendering features
  • Fixed #10487: O3DE: Make the gem compatible with both O3DE 21.11 and 22.05
  • Fixed #10486: O3DE: Gem dependencies not working with O3DE installer 22.05.0
  • Fixed #11033: AE: Fix the hard to read text in PopcornFX panel
  • Fixed #10485: AE: Crash with D3D12 Api following a device removed
  • Fixed #10483: AE: Multiple memory leaks in the plugin
  • Fixed #10453: AE: Crash when exiting AfterEffects when using D3D11 API
  • Fixed #10106: AE: QT combo box windows is offset

The PopcornFX plugin for After Effects can now be installed using an installer on Windows.

Changelog 2.12.5

Builds (Jun 2nd 2022)

  • Fixed #10427: When compiled in shipping, some effects using ribbons produce visual glitches where all ribbons are connected together.
  • Fixed #10457: Content browser does not show texture asset warnings
  • Fixed #10428: Layergraph passthrough layer removal does not have an upper limit, will perform connection-map rewires even if it means thousands of rewires. Should be limited to a reasonable value
  • Fixed #10437: GPU sim D3D12: Sampling a mesh attribute sampler makes the layer fallback to CPU sim if Geometry Attribute was manually created
  • Fixed #10433: GPU sim: shape samplers scale is applied twice when sampling positions on a mesh
  • Fixed #10448: Editor rendering: triangle renderer is sometimes not drawn in Vulkan
  • Fixed #10426: ARM-NEON: Random generators return incorrect values, differs from x86-SSE values, slightly lower quality distribution
  • Fixed #10446: On Mac-M1, baking vectorfield assets in U8SN mode is broken, all positive components of the vectors get truncated to zero.
  • Fixed #10449: Baking cubemap textures and rewriting then as DDS crashes
  • Fixed #10450: Baking textures and rewriting them to an unsupported format asserts in debug but otherwise does not log any warning.
  • Fixed #10447: AE: Crash when exiting AfterEffects
  • Fixed #10384: AE: Since after effects 2022, the plugin can crash while rendering with several effects
  • Fixed #10303: AE: Audio backdrop support

Changelog 2.12.4

Builds (May 19th 2022)

  • Fixed #10430: Some layergraph templates fail to compile properly
  • Fixed #10361: Scrubbing the cubemap backdrop blur slider is not smooth on some GPUs/drivers
  • Fixed #10419: GPU sim PS5: incorrect bounds
  • Fixed #10420: GPU sim PS5: crash when using external vector field sampler (.fga) having non-uniform grid size
  • Fixed #10423: GPU sim PS5: assert when several texture samplers are using the same texture
  • Fixed #10422: GPU sim PS5: assert when layer has empty spawn or evolve
  • Fixed #10421: AE: Layer deletion is not catch by the plugin, leaving outdated informations on rendering panel
  • Fixed #10307: AE: potential crash when reimporting an effect because of wrong effect lifetime management
  • Fixed #10306: AE: Potential crash when reimporting an effect because of the simulation still running
  • Fixed #10105: AE: Setting a renderer override collapses the renderer treeview

Changelog 2.12.3

Builds (May 12th 2022)

  • Fixed #10333: Crash when setting negative values in atlas div count
  • Fixed #10331: Nodegraph: Crash when cutting link while the node has dangling pin (typically in spatial layer nodes)
  • Fixed #10329: Crash when two editors are opened with the same animtrack backdrop
  • Fixed #10327: UnrealEngine: Flickering particles when looking at certain angles and shadow casting is enabled on PopcornFXSceneActor
  • Fixed #10360: Unity: Distortion billboard cause rendering issues
  • Fixed #10328: Unity: custom material not working on URP (probably not only on URP)
  • Fixed #10225: Unity: Expose all shader properties in PKFxRendererBinding UI
  • Fixed #10302: AE: Lost of precision when rendering over some video / layer in 8bpc
  • Fixed #10301: AE: UI to change graphics API is broken
  • Fixed #10299: AE: When reimporting a new effect, the current frame is not re-rendered
  • Fixed #10267: AE: Render discrepency between camera options "Default composition" and "PopcornFX Internal" when no after effects camera is present in composition
  • Fixed #10251: AE: file dialog are not working on Mac
  • Fixed #10058: AE: Canceling Browse Local Files pop the PopcornFX Error: Unable to load effect
  • Fixed #10056: AE: Qt panel doesn't have the renderers list if it's open before creating the effect
  • Fixed #10055: AE: QT Panel lock project list from opening on startup
  • Fixed #10054: AE: Overriding a renderer don't refresh the render
  • Fixed #9167: AE: Add Sound Sampler spectrum sampling
  • Fixed #8031: AE: 16bpc with DX11 is broken

Changelog 2.12.2

Builds (Apr 28th 2022)

  • Fixed #10253: GPU sim: Vectorfield sampler will crash when loading effect when given vectorfields whose dimensions are not multiples of 2 (for F16 format), or 4 (for U8SN formats)
  • Fixed #10161: GPU debugger D3D12: crash when selecting particles using Depth based collisions
  • Fixed #10160: GPU debugger D3D12: random crash when fast re-selecting particles
  • Fixed #8430: Vault: When filesystem scanning takes a long time, vault initially says it's empty.
  • Fixed #10216: UE5: AnimTrack attribute samplers are disabled
  • Fixed #10241: Unity: Enable Read/Write at mesh import
  • Fixed #10227: Unity: Mesh renderers do not work properly when "Use Mesh instancing" is enabled in URP/HDRP
  • Fixed #10224: Unity: incorrect behavior of opaque ribbon correct deformation render feature
  • Fixed #10221: Unity: Add Diffuse ramp to opaque billboarding shader
  • Fixed #10220: Unity: incorrect behavior of FlipUV render feature
  • Fixed #10219: Unity: Add rendering feature for mesh renderers
  • Fixed #10218: Unity: Emissive support for Billboard, Triangle and ribbon renderer
  • Fixed #10247: AE: some frames are invalid
  • Fixed #4890: AE: Allow overriding effect resources used for rendering or sampling

Changelog 2.12.1

Builds (Apr 14th 2022)

  • Fixed #10138: GPU sim D3D12: some effects do not run properly once baked
  • Fixed #9704: GPU sim D3D12: Debug layer error when using a GPU simulated ribbons on D3D12
  • Fixed #10081: Systematic viewport crash/freeze (device removed) when a D3D12 GPU sim layer is deleted while running
  • Fixed #9844: Random crash when opening an effect editor window and selected graphics API is D3D12
  • Fixed #8544: Mesh viewer: Normals & Tangents are not skinned when previewing animations
  • Fixed #10145: Mesh viewer: Stopping or resetting animation when playback is paused does not update viewport to first frame of animation
  • Fixed #10074: Incorrect background rendering with small camera far clipping plane or distant camera position.
  • Fixed #10068: Trying to cancel a package export by closing the export window before it finishes makes the editor crash
  • Fixed #9300: Creating an effect from an existing preset copies out the preset's description
  • Fixed #9773: Vectorfield viewer: Thumbnails capture rectangle isn't displayed in the viewport
  • Fixed #10067: GPU debugger: Tries to compile the debug shaders on all the platforms specified in the backend compiler settings, instead of just the current one
  • Fixed #10154: UnrealEngine: UE5.0 support
  • Fixed #10157: UnrealEngine: AnimTrack attribute samplers do not work anymore
  • Fixed #10104: AE: Default camera when creating an effect has wrong values
  • Fixed #10057: AE: Creating a second effect in a layer crashes

Changelog 2.12.0

Builds (Mar 31st 2022)

Assets & core-lib

  • Fixed #9325: Templates: MeshSample template returns incorrect DiffuseColor, ignoring input pCoords


  • #8956: Marketplace: allow viewing packages content
  • #9297: New project dialog: Add 'Custom' option where user can configure project paths before creating the project
  • #1171: Content browser: Add thumbnails for audio resources
  • #9354: Sound assets: Auto-generate thumbnails to show audio waveform
  • #9353: Sound assets: Display more useful file infos in thumbnail (ex: audio file duration)
  • #9347: Editor thumbnails: Move auto-generated thumbnails into Editor/Cache instead of Editor/Thumbnails, which should only contain manually-captured thumbnails
  • #9341: Editor thumbnails: Autogenerate texture thumbnails for large textures (ex: >= 1k)
  • Fixed #9913: Editor sometimes freezes after opening project when some vault paths point to network shared folder with very large amount of files or subdirectories
  • Fixed #9908: Crash when clicking on the project thumbnail in the project settings directly from the project launcher
  • Fixed #9394: Project settings IgnoredPaths still displays files and folders that should be ignored
  • Fixed #9888: Creating a project from a package and specifying 'From Package' as preset option still displays the paths customization dialog
  • Fixed #10063: Links in project descriptions are not clickable in the project launcher

Nodal editor

  • Fixed #9780: Editor: crash when converting local curve node to Attribute
  • Fixed #9327: Image samplers: UVs are not properly clamped/wrapped when 'UseAtlas' is enabled
  • Fixed #5668: Wrong event payloads displayed when hovering event wires
  • Fixed #9388: Dangling attribute sampler nodes are left in effects files when auto-created/deleted from the Effect Interface
  • Fixed #9387: Attribute sampler nodes are corrupt when auto-created from attribute nodes in the graph
  • Fixed #8880: Constant nodes: display values above any type of constant node

Effect editor

  • #4733: Ability to edit a curve3d directly in the editor's viewport
  • #9183: GPU debugger: allow to debug selected particles only
  • #9184: GPU debugger: display currently debugged particle with red wireframe
  • #9304: Propertygrid: More user-friendly dropdown to pick materials, instead of having to browse a .pkma file by hand in the project
  • #7543: Attributes: allow binding editor render target to texture attribute samplers
  • Fixed #5827: Viewport: GPU-sim billboards billboarded in VertexShader are not displayed on the wireframes debug view
  • Fixed #9705: GPU sim layers leave dangling particles following certain nodegraph actions
  • Fixed #9963: Systematic viewport crash/freeze (device removed) when a D3D12 GPU sim layer is compiled
  • Fixed #9962: Crash when closing effect editor after viewport crashed
  • Fixed #8370: Editor HDRI map backdrop: Environment map blur is wrong, creates washed-out images.


  • #7694: Triangle renderer: Optimize CPU billboarding
  • Fixed #8373: Editor HDRI map processing: Weird noise in lower-blurred mips
  • Fixed #9385: Material: Using 'bendNormals' is adding both normals and tangents shader inputs even if they are not used

GPU simulation

  • #9194: GPU sim: expose GBuffer sampling capabilities
  • #5352: GPU sim: add support for depth-based collisions in editor
  • Fixed #9982: GPU sim: layers with Depth based collisions enabled fallback to CPU sim in Editor mode
  • Fixed #9708: GPU sim: layers fallback to CPU if it contains an image sampler without a valid texture
  • Fixed #9706: GPU sim D3D11: Editing some sampler properties in editor has no effect
  • Fixed #9386: GPU sim D3D12: crash when a layer containing attribute samplers not present in the Effect Interface is toggled on in the nodegraph
  • Fixed #9344: GPU sim: texture sampling with an atlas incorrectly clamps SubUVs
  • Fixed #9334: GPU sim D3D12: Layers fallback to CPU if they contain more than one attribute sampler
  • Fixed #9329: GPU sim D3D12: Crash when a texture used by a texture sampler is hot reloaded
  • Fixed #9326: GPU sim: Attribute sampler node default values aren't taken into account
  • Fixed #9311: GPU sim D3D12: Curve attribute samplers do not work
  • Fixed #9310: GPU sim D3D12: Mesh attribute samplers do not work
  • Fixed #9309: GPU sim D3D12: Mesh attribute samplers do not support scaling
  • Fixed #9265: GPU sim D3D12: crash when marking local sampler as attribute sampler
  • Fixed #9259: GPU sim D3D12: random crash when using shape sampler
  • Fixed #8403: GPU sim: Using 'effect.velocity' causes a fallback to CPU sim

Graph compiler & optimizer

  • #3142: vrand(): Optimize common cases to use faster evaluation
  • Fixed #9889: Optimizer: Missed optimization: converting (a - a * k) to (a * (1 - k)). Already exists for (a + a * k) -> (a * (1 + k))

Plugins & Third-Party

AfterEffects plugin

  • #6985: AE: Plugin Installer
  • #6534: AE: Mac support
  • Fixed #9915: AE: PopcornFX Panel is flickering when opened for the first time
  • Fixed #8982: AE: Inconsistent crash when closing After Effects

O3DE plugin

  • #9016: O3DE: Content example project
  • #9906: O3DE: Optimize first instantiation of effect when the effect is preloaded

UnrealEngine plugin

  • #9012: UnrealEngine: Provide a github access
  • #9015: UnrealEngine: Content examples project
  • #9335: UnrealEngine: Add support for Texture Atlases when used with D3D12 GPU sim attribute samplers
  • Fixed #9419: UnrealEngine: crash when re-importing effect with GPU simulated billboards
  • Fixed #9324: UnrealEngine: Particle events GetEventPayload functions 'ApplyGlobalScale' is incorrectly applied
  • Fixed #9323: UnrealEngine: Particle events do not work anymore
  • Fixed #9332: UnrealEngine: Some effects do not show any particles once loaded in packaged builds
  • Fixed #9331: UnrealEngine: Attribute samplers do not work in cooked games

Unity plugin

  • #9013: Unity: Provide a github access
  • #9018: Unity: Content example project
  • Fixed #9886: Unity: effects import list don't take into account ignoredPath from projectSettings
  • Fixed #9417: Unity: Crash with VATs and multiples cameras
  • Fixed #9416: Unity: Image sampler breaks in Standalone builds
  • Fixed #9400: Unity: Attribute color gets reset when using color picker.
  • Fixed #9396: Unity: Curve from sampler gets reset when setting other curve values


  • v2.12.0.12548: Corelib fixes (#9325)