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Released 23rd September 2014


PopcornFX-Editor_Setup_v1.6.3.22747.exe (Latest)

Known issues in the latest 1.6.3 build (23107, Nov 19th 2014):

  • None. please contact support at if you encounter any problem

Release highlights

Attributes bound to view parameters : Depth-Of-Field in particle scripts script noise() functions PopcornFx editor auto-save Attribute samplers
Attributes bound to camera properties : preview view-dependent effects in editor noise() script functions
fast 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D noise
Autosave, project & UI improvements Attribute samplers : change samplers ingame on a per-instance basis

Video highlights

Latest fixes

Patch 1.6.3 (19 Nov 2014)

Build: PopcornFX-Editor_Setup_v1.6.3.23107.exe (Latest)

  • Fixed a bug in the script compiler that produced incorrect results when directly initializing a local variable with another local variable of the same type without changing it.

Patch 1.6.3 (23 Oct 2014)

Build: PopcornFX-Editor_Setup_v1.6.3.22747.exe

  • D3DX9_43.dll embedded (no needs to install DirectX9c runtime on a fresh install of window 7/8)
  • fixed a rare crash with asynchronous http requests (on startup)

Patch 1.6.2 (17 Oct 2014)

Build: PopcornFx-Editor_Setup_v1.6.2.22668.exe

  • particle scene functions : fixed a potential crash when building scripts due to some unchecked return values.
  • Texture sampler Texture sampler : when using a regular sampler AND an atlas-based sampler in the same layer, didn't have access to the regular sample(uv) function, had to use sample(0, uv)
  • fixed a visual glitch in the editor when using capsule billboards with smooth anim-frame blending.
  • fixed a crash when declaring an attribute with the same name as an attribute sampler.
  • fixed backdrop light orientations not updating the light when modified.
  • fixed rotate and scale gizmos whose influence dependend on the gizmo distance to the camera. was unusable when far away or in a project with a large unit scale.
  • particle scene : added 'scene.axisSide()', 'scene.axisUp()' and 'scene.axisForward()' to particle scripts. return values matching the current axis system.
  • Billboard renderers Billboard renderers : NormalsBendingFactor no longer makes draw batches incompatible by default
  • fixed a remote-package download bug, that would incorrectly see the package as downloaded even if download was incomplete and editor was closed while still downloading
  • fixed a potential intermediate-value corruption in particle scripts on SSE-capable machines when calling pow() with a streamed exponent.
  • fixed NaN SpawnerLifeRatio when spawning from a parent particle whose life was infinite.
  • fixed Ribbon renderer Ribbon artefacts that could happen every ~2 million particles spawned in a ribbon medium. From now on, it can happen only every ~4 billion particles spawned.

Patch 1.6.1 (30 Sep 2014)

Build: PopcornFx-Editor_Setup_v1.6.1.22502.exe

  • Attribute samplers : fixed a crash when opening an effect that has a shape-collection in the attribute sampler list.
  • 2D image backdrops : fixed a crash when the backdrop couldn't be found.
  • FBX importer : can now import a broader range of skeletal meshes and animations.
  • FBX importer : fixed a bug that caused meshes imported in coordinate systems other than the default RightHand Y Up to be improperly flipped at import.
  • Project selection : Online packages panel : now displays full version of each package, better updates when they change.
  • Billboard renderers Billboard renderers : Fixed a display bug in the viewport when clearing the 'SizeField' property of a billboard renderer.
  • Post-Fx : Added new config parameters to change the bright-pass of the HDR post-effect, as well as some vignetting parameters.
  • Realtime viewport : Enabled some maya-style navigation keys using the 'Alt' key.
  • Realtime viewport debug render modes : no more postFx/glows applied on the 'wireframe' view. now much more visible.
  • Project selection : Added a project 'relocator' that avoids having to re-add all the projects when you move them, or a disk moves and changes its letter-name.
  • Project selection : Added an explicit upgrade status next to the 'Check for updates' button.



  • FBX importer: fixed issues when importing skeletal animations
  • FBX importer : can now correctly import multiple submeshes skinned on the same skeleton.
  • Mesh importer : improvements & bugfixes. now more simple to use.
  • AxisSystem : fixed a bunch of bugs when configuring a project to use an axis system different from the default LH-YUP
  • Content browser : now avoids useless refreshing and loosing the current selection when an asset changes externally on the filesystem
  • Content browser : Fixed a bunch of bugs with 'ShowPackDepencencies' feature.
  • Shape sampler Shape sampler : fixed a bug when setting shape radius to 0, induced invalid values in 'innerRadius'
  • Shape sampler Shape sampler : fixed a bug in shape's ProjectParametricCoords() method.
  • Mesh sampler Mesh sampler : now works correctly in 'Vertex' sampling mode with parametric coords and streams other than Position.
  • Texture sampler Texture sampler : density sampling now works with grayscale textures
  • Texture sampler Texture sampler : fixed a rare crash when sampling in linear mode
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes when tring to read corrupt binary HBOs
  • Attributes : fixed rare attribute->script binding bug
  • Scripts : fixed a bug in swizzle optimizer that caused the following code: 'float3(float2(0,0), v)' to produce 'v.0x' instead of 'v.00x'
  • evolver localspace Evolver localspace : fixed 'TransformTranslate' and 'TransformRotate' flags that had no effect.
    • MIGHT AFFECT EXISTING EFFECTS if you used these two flags, and left them on, as they didn't do anything, but now they will.
  • noise functions : fixed a range bug. now correctly output in the [-1,1] range instead of [-0.707, 0.707] (sqrt(2))
    • MIGHT AFFECT EXISTING EFFECTS. this will have a side effect of producing _slightly_ stronger turbulences. but most likely imperceptible.
  • light renderer Light-particles : Fixed an editor-only rendering bug
  • Can now copy curve data back and forth between Curve sampler curve sampler and evolver field evolver field
  • double-curve sampler Sampler DoubleCurve : Fixed a bunch of bugs in the editor UI
  • Do not have to restart editor to see newly created layer in event's trigger list
  • Audio: add/fix audio backdrop channel groups. Channel groups should now work as expected.
  • Fixed some crashes and editor UI slowdowns when loading thumbnails of some special image formats


  • Improved ribbon renderer ribbon renderer, and fixed a few bugs
  • Improved particle particle spawner spawner and evolver spawner evolver spawner performance
  • Scripts : does a bunch of additional optimizations on scripts. faster scripts.
  • Optimized action execution
  • evolver projection Evolver projection : performance improvements
  • Texture sampler Texture sampler : performance improvements
  • Some performance improvements when sorting alpha-blended particles
  • Parent-fields : performance improvements
  • Mesh sampler Mesh sampler : a bit faster


  • Revamped undo/redo system, added an action history panel
  • Texture sampler Texture sampler : now supports sampling from texture atlases.
  • Texture sampler Texture sampler : added SampleGammaSpace to enable sampling in Linear or sRGB space
  • Attribute samplers : can now publish a sampler in the attribute lists, and have game code change it dynamically at runtime.
  • Attributes are now transmitted over trigger when triggering a child layer in 'LayerGroups'
  • Scripts : added builtins safe_normalize() and safe_fast_normalize()
  • Scripts : Sampler Shape sampler shape & AnimTrack sampler animtrack : Intersect() method
  • Scripts : added noise() and fast_noise() functions (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D noise)
  • Scripts : Shapes: can now manually build parametric coords from script
  • billboard renderer Billboard renderer : removed old unused 'ConstantLength' property
  • ribbon renderer Ribbon renderer : no need for the 'MaxExpectedLife' hack anymore.
  • FBX importer: now supports Vertex-colors and multi-UV import.
  • Mesh sampler Mesh sampler : can now sample multiple VColors and UV-sets
  • Shape sampler Shape sampler : can get shape properties in script (surface, volume, radius, height, triangle count, etc...)
  • particle spawner Spawners : can now use int attributes as flux factor.
  • Improved project settings
  • Project settings : can now force the use of the windows explorer dialogs to pick assets
  • Added an autosave
  • Audio sampler : Editor now supports sampling from audio card's output (if your audio card handles it. Editor-only feature, for your own comfort. Isn't stored in the final effect file)
  • Create new sampler : auto-name sampler based on sampler type
  • Can create new event by drag/dropping an effect from the content browser to the particle treeview
  • Improved export package.
  • Improved script editor panel: now shows parsed script, generated bytecode, disassembly, and used externals
  • Editor now always saves effects in text-mode
  • Improved and polished UI
  • Attributes : illegal names are now checked and rejected when trying to rename the attribute.
  • AnimTrack sampler AnimTrack sampler : now shows all its tracks in debug view
  • Package import/export dialog now shows file-size details.
  • Details view : now shows a tooltip on each asset with the # of err/warn, and the details of each error or warning
  • All scripts are now applied/saved on Ctrl+S
  • Editor recognizes attributes named 'ViewPosition', 'ViewDirection', 'ViewForward', 'ViewUp' and 'ViewSide' and auto-fills them with the viewport's camera data.
  • Attributes are not reset when resetting the Fx. Added an explicit 'Reset' button on the attributes panel to explicitely reset all attributes to their default values.
  • Content browser : can now drag/drop .pkkg packages directly in the content browser.
  • Export package : add a checkbox to quickly select/unselect all items
  • Templates : can now place effects in a 'Templates' directory, they will appear in the right-click menu "Create Asset" in the content browser
  • Cubemap backdrops : can now be blurred with a slider
  • Bake dialog : added a 'Full Rebake' checkbox to prevent the editor to re-use the assets in the 'Cache' folder.
  • evolver flocking Evolver flocking : MeanNeighborDirection.w now contains the inverse neighbor count, instead of nothing really well defined
  • Mesh editor : can now display the imported bones and toggle the viewer light and shadows on/off
  • All realtime viewports : now displays camera orientation gizmo on the bottom right corner
  • All realtime viewports : New Post-Fx : subtle lens-vignetting.


  • AssetBaker : added pre-bake Command-line
  • AssetBaker : fixed a crash when baking corrupt or old, non-upgraded HBOs
  • AssetBaker : can now use '-x' command-line argument to explicitely specify target axis system