PK-Editor v1.5.5 released

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Beta released 05th April 2014
Full released 06th May 2014


PopcornFx-Editor_Setup_v1.5.5.20787.exe (Latest)

Known issues in the latest 1.5.5 build (20787):

  • None. please contact support at if you encounter any problem

Release highlights

Improved editor interface Attributes in evolve Parent fields Details View
Improved editor interface Attributes in evolvers Parent-fields Details resource view

Latest fixes (23 May 2014)

  • Vastly improved BC7 DDS decompression performance (more than 9x faster)
  • Further improved editor startup performance
  • Made online packages fetch asynchronous: doesn't stall the editor if no web connection is available.
  • Fixed upgraders that did not fail correctly when failing to upgrade 'ProjectSettings.xml' files.
  • Fixed a few memory-leaks (when using mesh projection)
  • Fixed incorrect skin on registration window when launching the editor for the first time.
  • Fixed a crash when cancelling registration window.
  • Fixed whole thumbnails reloading after each Ctrl+S
  • Fixed empty texture paths showing a 'No preview' thumbnail -> now do not show anything.
  • Fixed broken textures & meshes hot-reload in some cases.
  • Fixed a bunch of script editor bugs & performance-related issues.
  • Fixed mesh importer hidden GUI panels.
  • Fixed mesh drag/drop in samplers: when multiple sub-meshes, the resulting shape collection had a 'box' shape in addition to all the submeshes.
  • Fixed a random crash in particle-scripts
  • Various small UI improvements
  • 'Enter' in particle fields quick-add now adds the field.
  • Baking an effect that's opened and not saved now bakes the version in memory, not the version previously saved on disk.
  • Setting a sphere shape radius to zero in a shape sampler caused the innerRadius to become NaN.



  • fixed user local project list not being kept between 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 : you'll now see all your previously configured projects, without the need to re-add them by hand.
  • fixed crashes with 'open to nodal editor' on non-HBO files (folders, meshes, textures)
  • fixed undo/redo crashes
  • fixed a heap corruption in the Spline editor curve editor.
  • fixed a regression in resource deletion that did not delete attached editor files anymore (thumbnail, .pkcf, and .pkmm, .pkma, .pkml in case of meshes)
  • fixed a crash on trigger-intensive effects
  • fixed default window layout not being reset correctly upon install.
  • fixed FBX importer regression when importing embedded textures (imported them directly at the pack root)
  • fixed a crash in .TGA image loader, when loading images with more than 128 consecutive identical texels.
  • fixed the country list that was sometimes empty in the registration form on some versions of windows.
  • Fixed very rare editor hang at startup on windows7 and above.


  • Improved editor startup time.
  • Various editor memory consumption improvements
  • Mesh sampler Mesh sampler : improved general memory usage & performance


  • Can now access effect attributes from evolve scripts !
  • Can access parent particle's properties using the 'parent-fields' feature !
  • double-click in .pkfx from explorer launches the editor, and keeps the same instance if already running on that project
  • added rotate script function : float3 rotate(float3 point, float3 axis, float angle);
  • sound layer 'Sound layer' : can now show/hide like the other layers
  • Merged 'Model', 'Mesh', and 'Material' editors into a single 'Mesh editor' window.
  • Merged .pkma files into .pkml files, there are no more .pkma files.
  • .DDS image reader now handles RGBA8 formats (previously only BGRA8 was supported)
  • Added 'Details view' tab in the content browser, displays assets stats and build status.
  • curve editor Spline editor can now lock to X/Y axes when control-points are scaled.
  • New backdrop system: multiple meshes, cubemaps, gradients, etc...
  • All meshes referenced in the .pkfx files are now directly the source .pkmm files.
  • Project selection window now lists a series of fx 'packages' available on our servers, instead of installing the old 'default' packs.
  • Project upgrader now has a dedicated window with precise details of what's going on and better reporting when something went wrong during the upgrade.


  • AssetBaker can now run a custom command-line after baking any asset, not just textures.
  • Vastly improved upgrade process, now editor has a dedicated upgrade window where you can see all upgrades, and detailed reporting of what went wrong, if anything went wrong. (file permissions and such)