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|[[Image:Unity-logo-g.png|link=Unity|50px]]<br/><div style="text-align:center;">[[Unity_V3|<<<]]</div>
|[[Image:Unity-logo-g.png|link=Unity_V3|50px]]<br/><div style="text-align:center;">[[Unity_V3|<<<]]</div>
| __TOC__
| __TOC__

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Edit > Project Settings > PopcornFX

UnityPopcornFXPrefMenu V3.png
See PKFxSettings.

Assets > PopcornFX > Update PKFxFX References (2.X to 3.X)

PKFxAssetsMenu V3.png
Used to update the PKFxFX component from the plugin 2.X to the 3.X. See Unity Project Setup.

Assets > Create > PopcornFX

PKFxMaterialsMenu V3.png

Default Material Factory

Create a default material factory asset. See PKFxMaterialFactory.

HDRP Material Factory

Create a material factory asset for the Hight Definition Render Pipeline. See PKFxMaterialFactory.

GameObject > Create PopcornFX

PKFxGameobjMenu V3.png


Creates a new GameObject with a PKFxFX component.


Creates a new Camera with a PKFxRenderingPlugin component.


PKFxHelpMenu V3.png

PopcornFX Wiki

Redirects to the online documentation.

Open PopcornFX Log

Opens the project's PopcornFX logfile (if previously enabled).