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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 Unity plugin documentation can be found here

Edit > PopcornFX Preferences...


Enable/Disable Individual Effects' Killing

Enables/Disables PKFxFX components' KillEffect() method, which allows effects to be instantly killed along with all their remaining particles.

Enable/Disable File Logging

Enables/Disables PopcornFX log in a popcorn.htm file at the project's root.

PackFx in Persistent Data Path

Allows to load the FX pack from the project's persistent data path (useful for loading user content or DLC).

Use Orthographic Projection

Enable for 2d project to have correctly mapped depth-textures for soft and distortion particles.

Insert Native Rendering

Choose where to plug the particles' rendering (may be useful for interaction with image effects).

Assets > PopcornFX


Move Sounds From Pack to Resources

When setting up sound layers, this is required after a pack's bake to make sounds playable by Unity.

Create Missing Shader Assets

See Custom Shaders (Unity Plugin)

Create Pack's Index for Android Deployment

Creates an index file in the StreamingAssets directory that lists the PackFX directory's files and their hashes to properly copy them on Android devices' internal storage.

GameObject > Create PopcornFX


Empty Effect

Creates a new GameObject with a PKFxFX component.


Creates a new Camera with a PKFxRenderingPlugin component.



PopcornFX Wiki

Redirects to the online documentation.

Open PopcornFX Log

Opens the project's PopcornFX logfile (if previously enabled).