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PopCorn-Fx is a professional middleware solution for realtime particle systems simulation and editing, designed for the games industry.


PK-Fx is made of:

  • PK-Fx editor : A realtime WYSIWYG [1] editor, running on windows XP, vista, and seven, that can connect to an external machine/console for realtime editing/tweaking of particle effects in a running game or level editor.
  • PK-Fx runtime : The runtime libraries, that perform the heavy lifting and take care of all the particle simulation and management. available on PC x86/x86-64, Xbox360, and Playstation3. (see Projects and solutions for the full list of supported platforms)
  • PK-Fx samples : A collection of C++ sample applications that show how to integrate and leverage the power of the runtime. There are samples for all the supported runtime platforms.


For Content creators

Getting started : Particle system overview

Getting started : PK-Fx editor overview

Particle tutorials

Node reference

Scripting reference

Known issues

For Developers

Getting started : Particle system

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