Identifying Errors with the Unity Plugin V3

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Errors, warnings and events originating from the Unity side of the plugin are logged into the console and are prefixed with "[PKFX]"

The PopcornFX Unity native plugin can log its major events, warnings and errors into an HTML file.
This can be enabled/disabled in Unity's editor via the Edit>PopcornFx Preferences window.
Changing this setting requires to reopen the Unity project.

This setting is stored in the PopcornFX config file in the StreamingAssets, so it's accessible to the standalone builds as well.

The file, named popcorn.htm is located at your project's root directory.
Warnings and errors are highlighted in different colors, respectively orange and red so you can easily visualize them.


On Android the logs are sent to the logcat.
They can be isolated with the prefix "PK_LOG"



On iOS the logs are viewable in XCode's debugging console.