HH-Editor v1.5.3 released

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Released 24th July 2013



Release highlights:

Ribbon renderer Attractor evolver Attractor evolver Collisions evolver Collisions evolver
New ribbon renderer New attractor evolver New attractor evolver New collisions evolver Improved events



  • Fixed various issues with the auto-updater.
  • Fixed loads of interface bugs with drag&drop, and node deletion.
  • Fixed huge memory-leaks that happened sometimes when closing an editor window.
  • Fixed crash at startup if the editor could not access the data folder for writing (including if on a non-existing drive)
  • Fixed serious bug in mesh renderer that caused any submesh except the first one to be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the AtlasEditor UI.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when removing particle events.
  • Fixed some rare deletion problems with flux functions and curve samplers.
  • Fixed a crash if the editor's xml project config files were corrupt.
  • Fixed incorrectly zero-clamped values when using the spectrum sampler in 'waveform' mode.
  • Fixed trail evolver first-frame glitch.
  • Fixed editor crash when 'LastRevision.txt' was read-only.
  • Fixed content-browser scroll-bug when filtering resource types.
  • Fixed attributes bug when multiple attributes were declared with the same name.
  • Fixed a few crashes in rare occasions.


  • Massive performance improvements in debug particles display : 176000 particles selected : from 810 ms to 11 ms.


  • Smooth blending between animated texture frames using the flipbook evolver.
  • Improved project selection window, now displays details about out-of-date packs, and allows to update the packs from there without loading them.
  • Improved particle-events panel.
  • Improved HUD & particle-medium stats.
  • Vast improvements in the history frames / trace report panel.
  • New mode to auto-pause the simulation when a problematic particle is found (has a field that is Infinite or NaN).
  • Added rectangular particle selection & improved debug display of selected particles.
  • Improved spline editor (interface & usability)
  • Particle editor now asks if you want to save the changes before closing, and unloads the file. you can then change the file on-disk and reopen the particle editor without closing the content browser.
  • Ctrl+middle mouse drag : move faster
  • Drag&drop of a mesh from the content browser into a sampler list now automatically creates a mesh sampler, or a shape collection sampler with sub-meshes if the mesh contains more than one geometry.
  • Improved sampler animtrack. tracks are now displayed in the spline editor when changing transform modes in the realtime viewport (translate/rotate/scale) with keys Q, W, E, R (3dsmax bindings).
  • Show preferences panel accessible with Ctrl+P
  • Added a few shortcuts : Ctrl+G (Show Grid), Ctrl+R (Reset Fx), F9 / Shift+F9 (Frame limiter), Ctrl+H (Hide/Show all emitters), Shift+H (Hide/Show all emitters except selected)
  • Physics evolver : Removed obsolete and buggy 'SolidFriction', and replaced 'FluidFriction' by 'Drag'. (will be auto-replaced by the editor when upgrading to 1.5.3)
  • Added a new evolver CParticleEvolver Localspace.png 'Localspace' that can run a given set of evolvers in the original particle spawner's local space.
  • Added a new evolver CParticleEvolver Collisions.png 'Collisions' that can collide with the scene or with a shape or shape collection.
  • Added a new evolver CParticleEvolver Attractor.png 'Attractor' that makes any shape or shape collection gravitationnaly attract particles to its surface.
  • Added a new renderer CParticleRenderer Ribbon.png 'RibbonTrails'.
  • F3 now displays a wireframe view of the particles with colors only, makes it more visible than textured wireframe.
  • Evolver spawner has a new field 'CustomSpawnIntervalScaleField' that allows to dynamically scale the spawn interval per-source particle.
  • Fixed 'CurrentDate' that was a frame-constant in the spawn-script. Now smoothly varies per-particle based on their spawn date within the frame.
  • Billboarders now support a non-uniform x/y size (either fixed aspect-ratio in the billboard renderer, or float2 Size field).
  • No need to reset the FX each single time a batched billboard renderer property was changed, now automatically re-batches everything if necessary.
  • AnimTrack sampler: can now specify dynamically which track of the animation you want to sample, directly in the 'sample' function.
  • Restored micro-updates, can be configured directly inside the evolve state.
  • Physics evolver : can now read a streamed 'bounce restitution' field from the particles to dynamically control the restitution
  • Physics evolver : added a new 'ConstantVelocityField' in addition to existing 'ConstantAcceleration' to apply more easily a constant wind.* Improved 'CurrentDate' in spawn-script: now correct value for any particle based on its spawn time within the frame.

Known issues

These will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

  • Problem on Project, DistanceField, and Attractor functions for shape collections
If the shape collection has a global translation or rotation, the first shape will be treated as if the shape collections had no transforms.
To make it work correctly, you need to manually translate/rotate each sub-shape.