HH-Editor v1.4.1 released

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Released 12 December 2012





  • Fixed auto-update bug of version 1.4.1
  • Fixed Ctrl+S that didn't work in the Fx-Editor
  • Fixed a bug that caused the curve-selection buttons to disappear in the spline editor toolbar when clicked
  • Fixed an infinite loop / freeze when starting the editor with the frame-limiter already activated.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a spline sampler
  • Fixed the Shift+F3 bindkey to cycle backwards in the render modes
  • Fixed the F2 bindkey to pause the simulation
  • Fixed a refresh bug in some slider's activation status (visible in the physics evolver when changing world interaction modes)
  • Fixed a display bug in the particle treeview that duplicated evolvers when they were drag&dropped
  • Fixed a script performance-line-coloring bug that caused the coloring not to appear after a Ctrl+S
  • Fixed flux curve not showing up in the trail spawner
  • Fixed flux and stream functions being displayed twice
  • Fixed style of script editor's 'find' window (Ctrl+F)
  • Fixed duplications in renderer nodes
  • Fixed a numeric display precision issue in the sliders


  • Improved startup times.
  • Improved resource registry check times.
  • Improved the performance of the particle-attributes modification


  • Improved light particles debug viewing & added a button to activate debug-draw of light particles.
  • Forced startup window on the main monitor
  • Added the atlas builder to the HH-Editor redist.
  • Reworked Tags in the content browser: you can now define a list of tags per-project, and set some of them to the effects.
  • Added the ability to broadcast a value in the 'float2' / 'float3' / 'float4' fields by typing a single value and hitting enter, instead of having * to enter all values one after the other, separated by commas. for example, to set a float4 to zero, just type '0', and hit enter, it will auto-expand to '0; 0; 0; 0'
  • Added a garbage-can icon to each attribute as a shortcut to delete them.
  • Auto-detect new projects on startup, and asks you if you want to add them.
  • Revamped & improved the projects settings.
  • cleaned-up resource folders in packs. moved all .hfx files from "./HBO/Entities/Particles" into "./Particles/"
  • added a drop-down to control the frame limiter in the viewport toolbar
  • added a 'Mute' button in the viewport toolbar, that mutes all sounds
  • added fields initializers that allow quick setup of values (still work in progress)
  • content browser : added Ctrl+T shortcut and right-click menu options to assign tags
  • improved the handling of folders in the particle treeview, and added a timeline to visualize the layer's schedules.
  • multiple fixes and tweaks in the editor interface.
  • samplers & evolvers that cannot be loaded correctly are now displayed with a special error icon (they weren't displayed at all in the previous versions)
  • can copy curve data from one curve (ex: evolver field) to another (ex: curve sampler)