HH-Editor v1.4.0 released

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Released 13 November 2012



This version is not available anymore. Please use v1.4.1



  • Fixed a serious regression that caused all meshes not to load, due to a change in compression algorithms.
  • Fixed a bug that required to reload the particle-editor window when changing diffuse/normal maps in a particle renderer to see the change
  • Fixed a regression in the spline editor that prevented the curve filtering buttons from working correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the damper evolver that caused a few particles each frame to have incorrect damping
  • Xbox360 : Fixed a bug when sampling shape collections
  • PlayStation3 : Fixed a bug in SIMD::Float4x4::InvertPureTransforms()
  • Fixed a potential alignment bug in particle spawners
  • Fixed a bug that caused medium bounds to sometimes contain NaNs
  • Fixed the regression of the previous editor version that prevented the editor from running on Windows-XP
  • Fixed a bug that caused a drag/drop or reorder in the evolvers list in the particle treeview to duplicate all evolvers
  • Changed the way projects and editor settings are stored, should now work from one version to another


  • Some improvements and bugfixes in billboarders
  • Removed lots of .dll, changed build to static linkage, faster editor load times.
  • Improved undo/redo performance
  • Improved editor debug console performance


  • Administrator privileges are not needed anymore
  • FBX files can now be imported by drag'n'dropping then in the content browser window
  • General improvements to the FBX pipeline
  • The editor now automatically detects new projects in the packs directory and offers to automatically add them.
  • When exporting meshes, the coordinate frame they are in is now stored in the mesh. It gets correctly loaded regardless of the choosen editor coordinate frame for the current project.
  • Improved runtime startup/shutdown sequence to display more useful information for developers (logging boot&shutdown time, and memory usage for each subsystem)