HH-Editor v1.1.0 released

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Released 13 April 2012


HellHeaven-Fx-Editor_Setup_v1.1.0.14254 (latest)




  • spline samplers: fixed a bug on windows platforms causing the min/max values to be ignored. worked OK on consoles.
  • fixed the overdraw estimate : now displays correct values
  • audio driver: fixed a memory leak
  • sound instances: fixed a bug causing them not to be removed from the spatial database, thus keeping them around indefinitely.
  • scripts: fixed a rare local variable resolution bug. sometimes, some local variables couldn't be used
  • scripts: fixed a parser bug.
  • scripts: fixed the build message in the script editor, that always displayed a successful message, even when the build wasn't successful
  • fixed some far plane glitches in the default editor cameras, that messed-up lighting batches.
  • fixed FX reset: now resetting at origin, not by raytracing backdrop, avoids misalignments with object backdrops
  • mesh sampler: fixed a rare crash
  • fixed broken hh-live socket on Xbox360
  • background realtime-viewport color (environment tab): was in linear-space, now in standard sRGB space. colors in the color picker and in the viewport background now match.
  • fixed random configuration display order bug in the 'preferences' panel
  • fixed a crash in the particle attributes panel
  • fixed a crash in the script editor when searching with F3 after some lines were deleted between two keypresses on F3
  • fixed the unused fields warning display, that incorrectly showed some fields as being unused
  • project selection window : project list now correctly refreshes itself when changing the base data path
  • fixed issue when drag-n-dropping an evolver onto itself, it was removed from the runtime evolvers list, but kept inside the editor's treeview
  • fixed issue when adding new attributes, that required a whole FX reset
  • fixed resource deletion issue in the content browser, that left shadow thumbnails at the next editor restart, and required an explicit registry rebuild
  • particle renderer billboard: fixed the rendering glitches when switching billboarding modes.


  • audio driver: fixed critical performance bug that caused each sound instantiation to reload the sound from disk
  • audio driver: various performance improvements
  • sound instantiations: huge performance increase: now between 50 and 100 times faster.


  • crash reports: removed auto-screenshots. users probably don't want the crash reporter to take a screencap of their whole desktop. no screenshot is taken or sent anymore.
  • added a new sampler to sample audio spectrums: CParticleSamplerSpectrum
  • shape sampler sphere: implemented sampleParametricCoordinates()
  • shape sampler sphere: implemented sampleNormals()
  • spline samplers: added the ability to set min/max limits, like any other curve (evolver field or spawn-rate)
  • added pie-charts overdraw and memory displays to the debug HUD
  • sounds actions are now seen in the particle treeview, as special layers
  • realtime profiler: added a cache of the last few most costly frames. The cache size is 5 by default, and frames are kept around for 6 seconds. can be configured in the CModuleConfigProfiler config node.
  • texture sampler: added default values for the filter and addressing parameters
  • renderer billboard: added a parameter to allow tweaking of the softness distance for soft-particles materials.
  • particle editor: added the ability to script the movement of a particle effect inside the realtime viewport, to see how it behaves when moving around.
  • particle attributes: now displaying the current debug value of the attribute next to the slider.
  • spline editor: various improvements in the visual interface.
  • script editor: added a performance indicator for the whole script, based on the total number of meta-cycles, and configurable tresholds like the other perf indicators.
  • script editor: added a tool to pop the color picker and insert an RGBA color as a float4 directly in the script source.
  • particle fields panel now refreshes live when changing the scripts, no need to select another node and come back to the script to see it updated.
  • improved the visual style of the spline editor's input boxes for times/positions/tangents
  • script editor : added a performance estimate for the whole script, in the top left corner
  • script editor : added a tool (on right-click) to pop the color picker and insert a float3 or float4 rgb/rgba color inside the script.
  • changed default layer name to a more human-friendly name than the previous default auto-generated name
  • added a checkbox in the particle system treeview to quickly toggle the visibility of all the layers