HH-Editor v1.0.1 released

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Released 05 March 2012





  • damper evolver : fixed some alignment crashes in some specific cases
  • fixed a crash after validation of user infos after the first launch of the editor.
  • fixed thumbnails refresh bug in the content browser
  • sound actions: fixed broken sound termination that kept the sound playing
  • sound actions: fixed spatialization, attenuation, and volume.
  • realtime profiler display: fixed a bug in displayed thread names for threads other than the workers and the main thread
  • realtime profiler display: fixed a minor highlighting bug for idle bars when the search field wasn't empty
  • fixed the build message in the script editor, that always displayed a successful message, even when the build wasn't successful
  • fixed some far plane glitches in the default editor cameras, that messed-up lighting batches.
  • fixed memory budget that was displayed as Tera-Bytes instead of bytes


  • removed a bunch of useless framebuffers clears in the realtime viewport
  • slight optimization on particle deletion
  • entirely removed profile history copy (huge number of allocations) when profiler was activated and displayed in the realtime viewport, profiler display is now even faster than before.
  • removed some unnecessary dynamic string allocations from the hh-script compiler, producing faster builds.
  • removed some unnecessary dynamic string allocations from the light particles renderer.
  • realtime profiler: lowered the performance footprint even further, 3.8x improvement, from an average of ~1300 cycles of overhead per profile node down to ~340 cycles (with callstacks capture enabled)
  • realtime profiler display: general improvements, and fixed various bugs/glitches
  • realtime profiler display: optimized profile graphs render code
  • realtime profiler display: callstack symbols are now resolved in a separate thread. it fixes all lags/glitches produced by synchronous .pdb loading


  • sound actions: added a slider in the [0,1] range to control volume
  • the sound driver now handles an arbitrary of audio contexts. opening multiple editor viewports with sounds will now work correctly.
  • interactive script edition mode, allowing dynamic tweaking of constant values with instant feedback, through popup sliders
  • realtime profiler display: vastly improved display precision for extreme zooms at the end of long frames (down to nanoseconds / cycles)
  • realtime profiler display: added a scale showing how much time represents a graduation
  • realtime profiler display: replaced frame-time graph display in the profile history by a clearer histogram color-coded with the frame-time
  • crash report: removed auto-screenshots. users probably don't want the crash reporter to take a screencap of their whole desktop. no screenshot is taken or sent anymore.
  • particle editor: a particles cache clean is now triggered when closing to free some memory after manipulating heavy effects.
  • light orientation can now be changed and saved in the editor's realtime viewports
  • thread pools on win7 now scale beyond 32 hardware threads