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Engine performance warnings are bright red warnings displayed on the top left corner of the realtime viewport.


Performance Flags

If you see one of these, It's either because:

  • something is misconfigured / not used as it should be
  • you activated a special debug editor feature that takes up a lot of processing power, and that's not a good idea to leave activated (like debug particle history frames).
  • you have a debug build of the editor/engine, in which case it will be pretty obvious anyway...
  • there's a bug

These warnings are basically here to remind you something unusual is badly hurting performance.

For example, when activating the particle history frames, the following warning will be displayed:


This is what a debug build can look like:

EngineWarnings DBuild.png

Performance Hotspots

If you see one of these, It's generally because a slow code-path has been taken. It does not necessarily mean you did something wrong, it means there could be a more effective way to do things.

For example, giving a packed float3 array to some functions in the hh-fx runtime migh trigger some performance hotspot warnings, if the functions expect a 16-bytes padded array.
passing arrays that are not 16-bytes aligned to most hh-fx runtime functions will also trigger performance hotspots warnings.

Here is what they look like:

Hotspots 3.png

The number at the left of the hotspot is the number of times this hotspot occured in the frame, followed by the hotspot's description, and in smaller characters the function/file/line the hotspot occured at.

These warnings are more a developer thing than the performance flags. if you are an artist, you shouldn't necessarily change what you did, but go tell a developer.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you see one of these in the HH-Fx editor.

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