Effect Attribute Samplers

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Available since Unity plugin v2.8.
See also : Effect Attribute Samplers Animation



You can override the values of the samplers exposed by your FX in the inspector of the PKFxFX component.


UnityAttrSampler Text.png

To override a ParticleSamplerText, just enter your text in the TextBox. To use the default text defined in the FX, leave the TextBox empty.


UnityAttrSampler Curve.png

To override a ParticleSamplerCurve, choose the dimension of your curve with the dropdown menu.
Click on the curves to open the Unity curves editor and change the values.
The the curve dimension to None to use the default curve defined in the FX.
You can't override a ParticleSamplerDoubleCurve


UnityAttrSampler Texture.png

To override a ParticleSamplerTexture, select a texture imported in Unity.
You can choose between Clamp and Wrap for the Texcoord Mode using the dropdown menu.
Select None in the texture picker to use the default texture.


The ParticleSamplerShape can be overriden with basic shapes (Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Capsule), meshes (Mesh, MeshFilter) and skinned meshes.
Use the dropdown menu to choose the shape you want.
If you choose None, it will use the default shape defined in the FX.

All the shapes shares the parameters Shape Center to set the position and Euler Orientation to set the orientation.

Basic Shapes

UnityAttrSampler BasicShape Box.png
Use the parameters Dimensions (Box), Inner Radius and Radius (Sphere, Cylinder, Capsule) and Height (Cylinder, Capsule) to set the dimensions of your shape.


UnityAttrSampler Mesh.png

To use a static mesh, choose the sampler MESH in the dropdown menu.
Select a mesh resource imported in Unity.
Use the Dimensions parameter to scale your mesh.
You can choose the channels to sample by clicking on the check boxes.
Check only the channels you need for your FX because the more channels are sampled, the more cpu time will be consumed.
You can also use the MESHFILTER option in the dropdown menu. Rather than using directly a mesh resource, it will use the mesh used by the Mesh Filter component placed on a gameobject in your scene.

Skinned Meshes

UnityAttrSampler SkinnedMesh.png

To use a skinned mesh, choose the sampler SKINNEDMESH in the dropdown menu.
Like for the mesh, you can choose the channels to sample with the check boxes.
The channel Velocity is specific for the skinned meshes.


If a sampler is not supported to be override with the Unity plugin, its name will be grayed out.