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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

See also Particle node reference

When editing an effect, the editor sets up a test scene to display the effect, that allows you to make sure your effect displays properly, and correctly interacts with environment elements.
'Backdrops' are the nodes that tell the editor what it should populate the test scene with.

You can create an Audio backdrop Audio backdrop to test effects that use the audio sampler, or Model backdrop Model backdrops to test particle collisions with the scene, Text backdrop Text backdrops to "comment" a test or demo scene with multiple effects, Image backdrop image or Video backdrop video backdrops to preview the effect with a moving background, Effect backdrop effect backdrops to preview your effect with other effects (especially useful when using Spatial layer Spatial layers), etc...

IMPORTANT: These are editor-only edition helpers, they will not appear in the final effect.

Editor backdrops

Editor backdrops Nodes

2D backdrops

Audio backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Audio2D Plays back a non-spatialized audio track.
Brush backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Brush Draws a color gradient (takes the camera orientation into account)
Image backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Image Draws a texture in the backdround
Video backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Video Plays back a video in the backdround
Cubemap backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Cubemap Draws an environment cubemap (takes camera orientation into account)

3D backdrops

Sound backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Sound3D Plays back a 3D-spatialized audio track
Model backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Model3D Draws a 3D FBX model in the scene (can be animated). Particles can collide with these.
Animtrack backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Animtrack v1.11.0 Moves all the child backdrops along a path.
Grid backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Grid v1.9.0 Draws a 3D grid. Particles can collide with these.
Effect backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Effect Inserts and plays an effect in the scene. Can be the effect that's currently being edited, or another effect.
Alembic backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Alembic Draws and runs an alembic scene (can be animated). Particles do NOT collide with these.
Light backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Light Inserts a light in the scene.
Camera backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Camera Experimental Inserts a camera in the scene.
Text backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Text v1.9.0 Displays 3D text in the scene.
Wind backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_Wind v1.9.0 Injects wind sources into the particle simulation.
VectorField backdrop CNEdEditorBackdrop_VectorField v1.13.0 New ! Injects wind sources into the particle simulation.

To add a new editor backdrop, roll down the 'Editor Properties > Backdrop' nodes by clicking on the small triangle on the left of the node name, then unroll the '2D Layers (Background)', '3D Layers (Scene)', '3D Layers (Instance)', or '2D Layers (Foreground)' folders, right click on the folder name, pull down the "New backdrop" submenu, and choose which backdrop you want to add.

Add new editor backdrop

You can then configure the backdrop properties by selecting it and changing its properties that are displayed in the node properties panel.