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See also : Particle system overview.


You can download the editor either directly from the website: http://www.popcornfx.com/download/

OR go to the Announcements page, then navigate to the release notes page of the version you're interested in, and click the download link at the top of the page.

This is where you'll find the preview builds we release prior to the full releases. You won't find preview builds on the website, only on the release notes pages.

Project selection

When you first start the PK-Fx editor, the following window will pop-up:

Popcorn-Fx Project selection

Double-click on the project you wish to open. This will close the window and launch the content browser.

Please see the Project selection page for more details.

Content browser

The content browser is shown when a project is opened.
It allows you to see a preview of the resources inside the current pack, edit them, and create new resources.

Popcorn-Fx Content browser

Double-click on a thumbnail to open the associated editor.

Please see the Content browser page for more details.


Particle editor

The particle editor is the main editor you'll use to author effects.

Popcorn-Fx Particle editor

It is made of various panels, amongst which a realtime viewport showing the effect in action.

Please see the Particle editor page for more details.

Mesh importer

The mesh editor is the main interface to import raw meshes into Popcorn, to be used as particle samplers, or sources for models (see the section below).

Popcorn-Fx Mesh editor

Please see the Mesh importer page for more details.

Atlas builder

The atlas builder is used to create texture atlases usable by the Billboard renderer Billboard renderer or Ribbon renderer Ribbon renderer.

Popcorn-Fx Atlas builder

It is a separate binary 'AtlasBuilder.exe', in the same directory as the main editor 'PK-Editor.exe'.

Please see the Atlas builder page for more details.

Deployment and baking assets

You can bake the effects made inside the editor to the runtime-friendly directly from the editor, or using the 'AssetBaker' command-line tool.

Popcorn-Fx Asset baker

Please see the Asset Baker page for more details.

Command-line switches

The PopcornFX editor can be invoked with the following command-line switches:

-af "PATH" PATH = absolute path to a resource file in an existing project, should be surrounded by double-quotes.

Editor will try to locate the project this file is in from your local projects list, open it, and open that file.
ex: -af "C:\popcorn\test pack\Particles\MyEffect.pkfx"

-apf "PATH" PATH = absolute path to a project file, should be surrounded by double-quotes.

Editor will open the project.
ex: -apf "C:\popcorn\test pack\Editor\PopcornProject.xml"

-pr "NAME" NAME = project name as it appears in your local project list, should be surrounded by double-quotes.

Editor will open the project.
ex: -pr "My test pack"

-rc "PATH" PATH = path to a resource file, relative to its project root, should be surrounded by double-quotes.

Editor will open the project, and that file. Must be used along the -pr or -apf switches
ex: -apf "C:\popcorn\test pack\Editor\PopcornProject.xml" -rc "Particles\MyEffect.pkfx"

-pk "PATH" PATH = absolute path to a .pkkg package file, should be surrounded by double-quotes.

Editor will show the import package window. ex: -pk "C:\downloads\TestPackage.pkkg"

-h v1.11.0 Show this command-line switches help screen, and exit.