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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

See also : Editor interface overview.

This page is for version v1.9.0 and above
For the latest version of PopcornFX, see: Content browser
For previous versions of PopcornFX, see the following pages:


The content browser is shown when a project is opened. It allows you to see a preview of the resources inside the current pack, edit them, and create new resources.

PopcornFx Content-browser overview

1: Treeview panel shows all the assets and folders in your project (except those excluded in the project settings)
2: Thumbnails panel Shows the assets of the folder currently selected in the treeview
3: Details panel Shows the asset details, needs explicit analysis by clicking on #8
4: Filter panel allows to filter the assets displayed in the other panels
5: Log panel displays various editor & runtime messages, statistics, warnings, and errors.
6: Current project treeview root. if #10 is checked, the treeview will also show internal editor dependencies.
7: Currently selected item tracks the currently selected asset/folder
8: Resource analysis button will refresh #3, the 'Details panel'
9: Fitered resources count when a filter is active, number of resources shown vs total number of resources
10: Show pack dependencies when active, will show the internal editor dependencies. You most likely don't want to have this checked. Will be removed in a future version.
11: Search filter toggle when active, applies the search filter in #12
12: Search filter search pattern, used to filter the resource name. you can use the '*' character to match any list of characters.
13: Resource type filter the other panels will only display resources of that type.

Details panel

The details panel is a useful view of your assets that can help to quickly spot effects that might have performance problems, or errors/warnings, in your whole project.

You can see this as some sort of 'resource profiler'. Currently some of the metrics displayed are not implemented. We will keep improving this and add/implement new metrics as time goes on.

PopcornFx Content-browser details panel

1: Status column Shows wether an asset is fine, has warning, or has errors. Very useful to quickly spot problematic effects
2: #Mediums column Number of update mediums in the effect. Usually more update mediums mean heavier effects.
3: #Render-Mediums column Number of render-mediums in the effect. More render mediums mean
4: Asset with warnings This asset has warnings. You can open it to have details and fix the warnings.
5: Asset with errors This asset has errors. This is serious, the FX won't work correctly in the runtime.

Asset menu

When right-clicking on an asset, the following menu will pop-up:

Asset menu

Rename [F2] Rename the asset. Also renames the asset meta-files (config, thumbnails, cache, etc...)
Clone [Ctrl+F2] Clone the asset. Also clones the asset meta-files (config, thumbnails, cache, etc...)
Edit Opens the asset in the appropriate editor. Same as double-clicking on it.
To NodalEditor Shows the internal nodal representation of the asset. Avoid using this.
Delete [Del] Deletes the asset and all its meta-files (config, thumbnails, cache, etc...)
Copy Reference Deprecated.
Open File Location Opens an explorer window where the asset is located.
Assign Tags [Ctrl+T] Deprecated.
Quick Bake [Ctrl+B] Bakes without popping the bake dialog.
Bake [Ctrl+Shift+B] Pops the bake dialog.
Build Assets [Ctrl+I] v1.8.4 Builds all selected assets (including inside selected folders). Currently only builds meshes.
Export To Package Exports all selected assets to a .pkkg package.

Content thumbnails

The main content browser view is the thumbnails view, where a preview of the resource is displayed, along with the resource name. Just double-click on any thumbnail to launch the specific editor associated with the resource type.

When the editor is running, if you delete or create new files in the current pack directories, the content browser will auto-update the resource list and hot-reload everything that needs to.

Keyboard Shortcuts

F2 Rename selected asset (will rename all associated meta-files, same as right-click > Rename)
Ctrl+F2 Clone selected asset (will rename all associated meta-files, same as right-click > Rename)
Ctrl+T Assign tags to selected assets
Ctrl+B Bake selected assets without popping the bake dialog (only if output platforms are defined in the project settings)
Ctrl+Shift+B Bake selected assets through the bake dialog (only if output platforms are defined in the project settings)
Ctrl+I v1.8.4 Builds all selected assets (including inside selected folders). Currently only builds meshes.
Del Deletes selected asset (asks for confirmation, will also delete all associated meta-files)
Enter Open editor for selected asset (same as double-click)
Ctrl+A Select all filtered assets

Note on "meta-files" : These are the .pkcf asset-config files, the editor thumbnails, and baked temporary assets in the 'Cache' folder

Filter Settings

The filter settings panel allows you to filter the content list, by resource type, and/or resource name.
By default, it is located on the top-right hand-side of the content browser.

If you start typing in the 'Search' field, the content list will update dynamically and show you all the resources whose name contain the text you just typed.

New asset

To create a new asset, right click on an empty area of the 'Content Thumbnails' panel, and select 'Create Asset', and the type of asset you wish to create:

PopcornFx Content-browser : new asset

A window will pop, asking you the name you wish to give to the new asset:

PopcornFx Content-browser : new asset

Once validated, A new thumbnail will appear on the content browser's list:

PopcornFx Content-browser : new asset


There are no more tags in v1.7, they might be re-enabled later on, in a better way.


You can bake the selected asset(s) by hitting Ctrl+B in the content browser (also available inside the particle-editor to bake the current effect)

If no bake platforms are setup, it will show this window:

PopcornFx Content-browser : cannot bake

To change/add bake platforms, see project settings : bake targets

Otherwise, you'll get the following message:

PopcornFx Content-browser : baking window

  • Bake all platforms : shortcut for selecting all platforms. Preserves specific platform selection if you only bake on one platform most of the time during development
  • Bake dependencies : will also bake all the asset's dependencies (meshes, textures, other effects that are triggered from this effect, etc...)

More infos on baking on the AssetBaker page.