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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 Unity plugin documentation can be found here


  • Attribute samplers : added getter/setters for easier access via scripts
  • Attribute sampler image : Logs an error when texture read is disabled.
  • Attribute sampler image : Added PVRTC support.
  • Attribute sampler shape : allow to drag an drop a MeshFilter on a sampler mesh.
  • Attribute samplers : Fixed broken list with unsupported samplers.
  • Attributes : fixed leak with attributes names when getting descriptors.
  • Attributes : now display their descriptions as tooltips.
  • Scene mesh builder : now creates path if it doesn't already exist.
  • Fixed a #define preventing the plugin to load on OSX when targetting iOS.
  • Added DeepReset : like Reset but also unloads FXs and clean the render mediums.
  • Now attempts to load the pack from relative path to prevent issues with non-ascii paths.
  • Added a "reset attributes to default values" button on PKFxFX.
  • Fixed checks for attribute samplers OnDestroy.
  • Fixed attribute sampler mesh : don't pin non-blittable types (bool).
  • Fixed sampler shape mesh : not feed with the mesh after StopEffect StartEffect.
  • Implemented native OSX assert catcher.
  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.10.6


  • Attribute samplers : Fixed an error when unsupported samplers are above the others.
  • Support the reversed depth buffer in Unity 5.5
  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.10.8


  • Attribute samplers : handle ETC2 texture format.
  • Fixed Sample scene custom shaders.
  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.11.0


  • Build scene mesh at runtime on all platforms.
  • Can register multiple camera.
  • Fixed 1 frame delay on registered camera.
  • Do not load all the HBOs at application start.
  • StopEffect() became TerminateEffect().
  • StopEffect() stop the emission but continue to update the transform and attributes until all particles died.
  • Load Attribute Samplers when the FX start.
  • Fixed a crash if an Attribute Sampler Skinned Mesh is not in the first position of the samplers list.
  • Add Support for Unity 5.6
  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.11.3


  • Fixed VR rendering.


  • Remove support for Unity versions lower than 5.2
  • Add support for Unity 2017
  • Memory optimizations on the Attribute Sampler mesh.
  • Fixed a crash with the DepthRT.
  • Reset IsPlaying in Awake.
  • Fixed attributes updates after an hot-reload.
  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.11.6


  • Fixed a crash if StartEffect() and TerminateEffect() were called before Start()
  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.12.0


  • Sync. PopcornFX runtime v1.12.1


  • /!\ Moved from C# assemblies to sources (see Updater_(Unity_Plugin)).
  • Attribute samplers : shapes, textures, curves... (see Particle_effect_attributes#Attribute_samplers)
  • Fixed orthographic cameras support (see PopcornFX Preferences...)
  • Fixed glitchy billboarding on Android.
  • Added multi-object editing for FX components.
  • Fixed conf file loading when loading from a read-only location.
  • Fixed moving pkfx files breaking components association.
  • Fixed scene reset when destroying the first camera. /!\ A manual call to PKFxManager.Reset() when loading a new level is now required /!\
  • Added audio sampling named audiogroups.
  • Renamed native libraries from HH prefix to PK prefix, reflecting a name change that happened even before the plugin was released. You might want to check your Asset/Plugins directory if you didn't use the provided updater to update your project.
  • Added OpenGL Core support (Windows/Mac/Linux).
  • Stability improvements.


  • New rendering pipeline, fully integrated with command buffers (Unity 5.2 and up). Includes retrieving of the scene's depth without resorting to an offline camera (Unity 5.0 and up).
  • Added support for distortion/soft particles in VR.
  • Added support for Android multi-threaded rendering (Unity 5.3+).
  • Depth texture now public.
  • Custom shaders (DX11, DX9, OpenGL/ES).
  • Sync with PopcornFX 1.9.0.
  • Fixed PKFxManager's Debug class that was hiding Unity's in some versions of the plugin.
  • Fixed KillEffect's behaviour on trails.
  • Added TransformAllParticles() to apply a global transform on all particles (useful for floating origin setups).


  • Added PKFxFX.GetAttr(string) and integer overloads for the PKFxManager.Attribute class.
  • Added PKFxFX.IsPlayable().
  • Added possibility to overload the OnAudioSpectrum and OnAudioWaveform callbacks.
  • Added possibility to use Application.PersistentDataPath instead of the default Application.StreamingAssetsPath (useful for adding effects post-install).
  • Added support for Windows XP (not even kidding).
  • Moved rendering to the new command buffer interface (Unity >= 5.2). This fixes image effects bugs and lens flare layers bugs.
  • Changed the PopcornFX Settings menu. It's now a window exposing the individual effect killing, logging, PackFX location and rendering event settings.
  • Destroying an effect now calls StopFX().
  • Added a control button on PKFxFX components to force-reload attributes.
  • Fixed a crash when destroying the PKFxRenderingPlugin component of a scene and calling PKFxFX.KillEffect in the same frame.
  • Fixed native VR detection.
  • Fixed PNG loading on iOS (bug or crash depending on the version).


  • Fixed a crash when deleting hot-reloaded effects.
  • Fixed a crash when calling StopEffect in OnDisable.
  • Fixed a crash when getting in and out of a scene with effects using spacial layers.
  • Fixed race-condition issues that would cause seemingly random crashes and errors.
  • Fixed a bug where localspace effects and attributes were 1 frame behind.
  • Fixed iOS multi-threading performance.
  • Added an Alive() method to the PKFxFX component that returns true as long as an effect is spawning particles.
  • Added the possibility to enable the killing of individual effects.
  • Added a main conf file for settings (holds the "log in file" and "effects killing" settings so far).
  • Added support of PopcornFX's sound layers.
  • Added support for audio waveform sampling.
  • Added support for audio sampling (waveform and spectrum) for iOS.
  • Added PKFxManager.UnloadEffect(string path);


  • Synchronized with PopcornFX Editor v1.8.X (make sure to upgrade your packs).
  • New fat library for ios64 support.
  • Fixed a bug where PopcornFX components would interfere with other plugins' components.
  • Effects hot-reload in Windows and MacOSX editor mode.
  • Int/Int2/3/4 attributes support.
  • Attributes now support min/max values.


  • Fixed a bug where fx wouldn't load in specific pack architectures.
  • Added PKFxManager.GetStats() to retrieve stats from the PopcornFX runtime.
  • Added a link to the online documentation in the Help menu ("PopcornFX Wiki").
  • Added a version identifier in the PKFxRenderingPlugin component's inspector view.
  • Added "PopcornFX Settings" in the Edit menu with options to enable or disable the runtime log to a file (requires a restart to take effect).
  • Added "Create PopcornFX" in the GameObject menu to create empty effects or PopcornFX-enabled cameras.
  • Fixed UI refresh after drag'n'drop of a pkfx file in the FX field of a PKFxFX component.
  • Added a warning when in editor if the color space is not set to linear


  • Improved dependencies handling.
  • Added Unity 5 compatibility.


  • Fixed audio sampling on MacosX
  • Fixed DX11 LOD bias
  • OSX binaries now Universal (x86 and x86_64)
  • Soft animation blending now supported in GL/DX9/DX11
  • Fixed DX11 depth texture update bug (soft particles and distortion)
  • Fixed api deprecation for Unity 5
  • Drag'n'drop .pkfx files on FX components instead of the unconvenient list


  • Proper color space detection (sRGB/gamma correction)
  • Distortions blur pass (Blue channel)
  • Fixed distortions bug
  • Massive renames to comply with naming convention.
           / \                                                          / \
         /__.__\                                                      /__.__\
  • DX11 bugfixes, proper distortions and soft particles
  • Fixed mobile crash on some sampling functions
  • Masked event ids to prevent interfering with other native plugins
  • Fixed bug where additive meshes were never culled
  • Fixed lost devices in DX9
  • Fixed depth/distortion FOV bug
  • Fixed distortion viewport bug
  • Windows x32/x64 support.


  • Distortions!
  • Mobile depth-related rendering features (soft particles, distortion).
  • PackFX hierarchy : effects are now accessible at any pack subdirectory
  • Packs must now be baked in the StreamingAssets directory.
           / \                                                          / \
          / | \    THIS WILL BREAK ANY PREEXISTING FX COMPONENT!       / | \
         /__.__\                                                      /__.__\


  • Refactoring of the PKFxManager static class to account for iOS' static libraries limitation.