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! IMPORTANT ! This is a PopcornFX v1 page. PopcornFX v2 documentation can be found here

Light renderer Last update: v1.10.0 - Main page : Particle renderers Particle renderers

This renderer treats the particles as point-lights within the world.

Note that the PopcornFX integration you're using might not implement the particle light renderer.
You can check the implementation status in our public integrations here:

Light renderer Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Light renderer Material
UserData Empty Use this if you need to pass custom data to your game engine's integration (custom PopcornFX SDK). If you're Using UE4 or Unity, you can ignore this.
Light renderer Geometry
DrawOrder 0 Rendering order index of the particle.

Defines the order in wich the particles are rendered. Smaller value will be rendered first.

Light renderer General
BillboardingMaterial Lighting_SplatPass
  • Lighting_SplatPass
  • Lighting_SplatPass_Spec
  • Custom
PositionField "Position" name of the particle field to be used as the light position. Must be a float3 field.
SizeField "Size" particle field containing the particle's billboard size (diameter), in world units. the 'ConstantRadius' field is added to the size to compute the final billboard size. if the SizeField isn't found in the particle fields, only the constant radius is used.
ColorField "Color" particle field containing the RGBA color of the particle. if it's not found inside the particle fields, a white color will be used.
ConstantRadius 0.0 constant radius added to the particle size.
LightIntensityMultiplier 1.0 The particle color will be multiplied by this value before rendering
LightRadiusMultiplier 1.0 The particle size will be multiplied by this value before rendering.
LightRadiusFactorFromIntensity 0.0 Will scale the particle size according to the magnitude of the particle color, multiplied by this factor.
LightAttenuationSteepnessRange 0;4 Only used by the editor to control the slider of 'LightAttenuationSteepness'
LightAttenuationSteepness 0.5 Controls how fast the light intensity falls off from the center of the light.
LitTranslucency false If active, particle light will lit translucent objects(eg: other particles) (NOT IMPLEMENTED in the PopcornFX Editor).
Light renderer layout

Light renderer Performance considerations

Depending on the HHFx integration you are using, there might be different performance requirements. However, a few general rules should apply everywhere:

  1. If you create a large number of light particles, it is likely it will badly hurt performance through excessive overdraw, especially on consoles.
  2. If you need light particles with a large influence radius, you should keep their number low.