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Spatial insertion evolver Last update: v1.10.0 - Main page : Particle evolvers Particle evolvers

Available since v1.8.0
The spatial-insertion evolver inserts particles into a Spatial layer spatial layer.
It will find the Particle fields particle fields that match the target spatial layer fields, and will copy them along during the insertion process.

Spatial insertion evolver

Spatial insertion evolver Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Spatial insertion evolver General
SpatialLayer None Target Spatial layer spatial layer where particles should be inserted
Spatial insertion evolver layout

Spatial insertion evolver Auto-fields

The spatial-insertion evolver automatically creates, if they don't exist, the following Particle fields particle fields:

Name Type Footprint TransformMode self access to field
Position float3 16 bytes Transform read
Velocity float3 16 bytes Rotate read
SelfID int 4 bytes Rotate read

NOTE: SelfID and Velocity are auto-created for temporary compatibility with the Flocking evolver Flocking evolver. This might be changed in a later version.

Spatial insertion evolver Side-effects

The spatial insertion evolver will not modify any particle fields.