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Damper evolver Last update: v1.10.0 - Main page : Particle evolvers Particle evolvers

The damper evolver is a helper to smoothly damp a particle property over time, such as rotation.
Damping the Velocity of a particle will simulate friction (Although it is already better handled by the CParticleEvolver Physics.png physics evolver).

Damper evolver Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Damper evolver General
MinSpeed 0 Minimal value the evolver will damp down to. For example, if set to 0.1, and applied on the rotation speeds, the evolver will never damp them below 0.1 radians/seconds
ExpDampingTime 0 Controls the damping strength. 0 means no damping takes place (it takes an infinite amount of time to dampen the value). Higher values means it dampens faster.
FieldToDampen "RotationSpeed" Name of the particle field the evolver will dampen. Must be of type float, float2, float3, or float4.
Damper evolver properties

Damper evolver Auto-fields

This evolve does not automatically add fields to the particle declaration.