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Containment evolver Last update: v1.10.0 - Main page : Particle evolvers Particle evolvers

The containment evolver allows to keep particles inside a confined spherical area, by changing their velocities. Commonly used in addition to the Flocking evolver Flocking evolver.

NOTE: a future improvement of this evolver might add the ability to specify a custom shape as the confinement area.

Containment evolver Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Containment evolver General
WorldCenter {0,0,0} Center of the containment sphere
WorldRadius 20 Radius of the containment sphere
BorderThickness 10 Thickness of the containment sphere border. The border starts at 'WorldRadius' units from the center, and ends at 'WorldRadius + BorderThickness' units. Only available in 'Mode_Homing'
HomingImpulse 5 strength of the homing impulse, available only in 'Mode_Homing'
Mode Mode_Homing
  • Mode_Homing : when outside 'WorldRadius', particles are pushed back inwards.
  • Mode_Wrap : when particles touch the world boundaries, they teleport to the opposite side.
  • Mode_WrapBox : New v1.10.0 like 'Mode_Wrap', but the world is considered a cube, not a sphere. Can produce more stable wrapping behavior.
  • Mode_Bounce : particles bounce on the world boundaries.
Containment evolver Field customization
PositionField "Position" If this field is declared as a <float3>, it will be used as the particle position to be contained.
VelocityField "Velocity" If this field is declared as a <float3>, it will be used as the particle velocity. Only used in 'Homing' and 'Bounce' modes.
Containment evolver properties

Containment evolver Auto-fields

The spawner evolver automatically creates, if they don't exist, the following particle fields:

Name Type Footprint TransformMode self access to field
Position float3 16 bytes none read