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Wind backdrop Last update: v1.11.0 - Main page : Editor backdrops Editor backdrops

This backdrop inserts a wind source in the scene, that will affect particles that have a physics evolver with a non-zero 'Drag' property and a non-zero 'SceneWindInfluence' property.

Wind backdrop Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Wind backdrop 3D Backdrops
AttachToSocket <empty> Parent socket name to which the backdrop should be attached. (Experimental, reserved for future use)
Position { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop position
EulerOrientation { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop orientation angles in radians
UniformScale 1.0 Backdrop scale
ApplyScaleToChilds false New v1.11.0 If enabled, will scale all the child backdrops by 'UniformScale'
Wind backdrop Wind
WindMode Fan Wind mode
  • Global : global uniform wind, applied everywhere on the whole level
  • Fan : localized cone-shaped wind emitter
StrengthMin 0.1 Wind min strength. Actual wind strength will oscillate between min and max
StrengthMax 2.0 Wind max strength. Actual wind strength will oscillate between min and max
GustingFrequency 0.5 Wind oscillation speed between min and max strength
GustingStrength 0.5 Non-linear strength remapping. Higher values make the high-speed winds less frequent, and last for a shorter amount of time
FanAperture 20 Aperture of the fan cone, in degrees
Wind backdrop Rendering
DisplayScale 1.0 Scale of the debug gizmo
Color { 1, 1, 1, 1 } Color of the debug gizmo
DepthTest true If enabled, the debug gizmo with not display behind opaque geometry (other backdrops, or opaque mesh particles)
DrawCone true If enabled, displays the fan cone if 'WindMode' is set to 'Fan'
ConeLimits { 0.2, 2.0 } Min and Max distance of the debug cone, in world units, if 'WindMode' is set to 'Fan'
Wind backdrop properties