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3D Audio backdrop Last update: v1.11.0 - Main page : Editor backdrops Editor backdrops

This backdrop plays back a 3D-localized sound in the world.

3D Audio backdrop Node properties

Field name Default value Description
3D Audio backdrop 3D Backdrops
AttachToSocket <empty> Parent socket name to which the backdrop should be attached. (Experimental, reserved for future use)
Position { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop position
EulerOrientation { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop orientation angles in radians
UniformScale 1.0 Backdrop scale
ApplyScaleToChilds false New v1.11.0 If enabled, will scale all the child backdrops by 'UniformScale'
3D Audio backdrop General
SoundPath <empty> Path to the sound file. PK-Editor supports .wav, .mp3, and .ogg files.
SoundVolume 1.0 Sound volume
SoundChannelGroup World_Ambient Name of the channel-group this sound should be played into (see the Spectrum sampler Spectrum sampler documentation for list of available ChannelGroups).
SoundTimeWindow_Start 0.0 Time in seconds inside the audio file at which the playback should start and loop back
SoundTimeWindow_Duration 0.0 Duration in seconds of the playback window in the audio file. 0 means play til the end
3D Audio backdrop properties