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Effect backdrop Last update: v1.11.0 - Main page : Editor backdrops Editor backdrops

This backdrop plays an effect in the scene. can be either the current effect or another, external, .pkfx file.

Effect backdrop Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Effect backdrop 3D Backdrops
AttachToSocket <empty> Parent socket name to which the backdrop should be attached. (Experimental, reserved for future use)
Position { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop position
EulerOrientation { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop orientation angles in radians
UniformScale 1.0 Backdrop scale
ApplyScaleToChilds false New v1.11.0 If enabled, will scale all the child backdrops by 'UniformScale'
Effect backdrop General
ResourceEffect <empty> Path to the effect file
UseCurrentEffect false v1.10.0 If enabled, the backdrop will instantiate the .pkfx file currently being edited
Loop false If enabled, will loop the effect every 'LoopDelay' seconds
LoopDelay 2.0 Delay in seconds between each loop
Effect backdrop Instancing
GridSize { 1, 1, 1 } Size of the grid in number of instances.

For example, setting '10, 20, 1' will produce a 10x20 grid, therefore 200 instances

GridSpacing { 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 } Spacing between each instance
Effect backdrop properties