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Animtrack backdrop Last update: v1.11.0 - Main page : Editor backdrops Editor backdrops

This backdrop loads an animation path from an FBX file, and moves all its child backdrops along the path.
It is especially useful in coordination with the Effect backdrop Effect backdrop setup to use the current effect, it allows viewing the effect you're creating in motion along a path.

Animtrack backdrop Node properties

Field name Default value Description
Animtrack backdrop 3D Backdrops
AttachToSocket <empty> Parent socket name to which the backdrop should be attached. (Experimental, reserved for future use)
Position { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop position
EulerOrientation { 0, 0, 0 } Backdrop orientation angles in radians
UniformScale 1.0 Backdrop scale
ApplyScaleToChilds false New v1.11.0 If enabled, will scale all the child backdrops by 'UniformScale'
Animtrack backdrop Animation
AnimTrackType Custom Allows you to choose a backdrop from the list of builtin backdrops, or pick your own FBX file
  • Custom : pick your own FBX file
  • Circle : circular path
  • CircleUpDown : circular path with up/down bobbing motion
AnimResource <empty> When 'AnimTrackType' is set to 'Custom', path to the FBX file that contains the animation path.
AnimTrackIndex 0 0-based index of the animation path to use in the file
AnimDuration 10.0 Time it takes from the start to the end of the path. Use this to control how fast the child backdrops move on the path.
Animtrack backdrop Rendering
Color { 1, 1, 1, 1 } Color of the debug gizmo
DrawKnots false Wether or not to draw the X,Y,Z axes on each knot
KnotLength 0.2 Length of the debug basis displayed on each knot
Animtrack backdrop Transforms
UseTrackTranslations true If deactivated, the sampled properties will not inherit the animtrack's translations
UseTrackRotations true If deactivated, the sampled properties will not inherit the animtrack's rotations
UseTrackScaling true If deactivated, the sampled properties will not inherit the animtrack's scales
Animtrack backdrop properties

Animtrack backdrop Parenting backdrops

The animtrack backdrop does nothing on its own, to use it you'll need to parent another backdrop to it, either by:

  • Right-clicking on the Animtrack backdrop node in the treeview, and picking a backdrop from the "New backdrop" submenu
  • Drag & drop an existing backdrop onto the animtrack node, making it a child of the animtrack.

Once this is done, you should see the child backdrop moving along the path.