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The decal layer allows you to spawn a decal in engine with some informations like the diffuse or normalmap textures to apply on its material.

Like any other layers, it can be triggered by any particle event. Node properties

Field name Default value Description
CActionFactoryDecalSpawner.png Action
Delay 0 Delay in seconds before emission start.
RandomDelay 0 in the [0,1] range. Random coefficient to apply to the delay.

The final delay is computed as: Delay * (1 + rand(-1,1) * RandomDelay)
Basically, when 'RandomDelay' is 0.0, the real delay will be equal to 'Delay'.
When 'RandomDelay' is 1.0, the real delay will take a random value between '0' and 'Delay * 2'
When 'RandomDelay' is 0.5, the real delay will take a random value between 'Delay * 0.5' and 'Delay * 1.5'. etc...

Weight 1.0 When the layer is inside a folder that has a child evaluation mode set to 'random', tells the spawn probability of that layer. Higher values compared to other childs will mean that layer will have more chance to be spawned
CActionFactoryDecalSpawner.png General
Material Blended Material (used by PK-Editor)
  • Blended
  • AlphaTest
UserMaterial <empty> Material (engine-specific, ignored in PK-Editor)
Diffuse <empty> Path to the decal's diffuse texture
Normal <empty> Path to the decal's Normal-map
BoxDimensions_Base {0, 0, 0} Base dimensions of the clip-box
BoxDimensions_Scale {1, 1, 1} Dynamic dimensions of the clip-box, scaled by the particle size
FaceCullLimit -0.1f Value below which the faces will be ignored by the decal. Will be compared with the dot product between the face normal and the decal direction.
ScaleField Size Name of the parent particle field that should be used as a scale factor for the decal.
ColorField <empty> Name of the parent particle field that should be used as the color of the decal.
CActionFactoryDecalSpawner.png Localization
Position {0, 0, 0} Local offset of the decal, relative to the instance.
File:Layout CActionFactoryDecal.png