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(last edit version: v1.4.0)

Unreal Engine 4 Integration features

This page tries to list the PopcornFX SDK Integration possibilities and their current implementation status in Unreal Engine 4:

See also Known bugs.

PopcornFX Integration features

Particle Simulation

Feature Status Notes
Particle to world collisions v0.2.0
Particle to world two-way collisions v0.4.0
Collision Broadcast event v1.0.0
AttributeSamplers Shape
AttributeSamplers Mesh v0.2.0
AttributeSamplers Skinned Mesh v1.0.0
AttributeSamplers Curve v0.3.1
AttributeSamplers Image v0.3.0
Event decals
Event sounds
Sound wave/spectrum sampling No viable solution in UE4 for now
Codec mesh (mesh sampling)
Codec image (image sampling) v0.3.0 UE4/TextureSampling
Scene velocity field sampling future?
VR Compatibility

Particle Rendering

Feature Status Notes
Renderer Billboard
Renderer Ribbon v0.3.0
Renderer Mesh
Renderer Sound
Custom particle materials
Texture atlas
Soft Animation Blend
Soft particles
Lit particles
Particle shadows v0.3.0
Render with geometry shaders ?

UE4 Blueprints interactions

Feature Status Notes
AttributeSamplers v0.3.0
Scene WIP
Sample spatial layers from blueprints
Trigger blueprints from particle events v1.0.0

Supported platforms

Platform Status Notes
Win32/Win64 On the PopcornFX Store
Linux On the PopcornFX Store
Mac OS X On the PopcornFX Store
PlayStation 4 On demand
XBox One On demand (Known bug: Texture sampling)
Android ~ Needs more testing, preview builds on demand
iOS ~ Needs more testing, preview builds on demand
HTML5 PopcornFX Runtime SDK does not support HTML5 builds

Supported UE4 versions

Platform Status Notes
4.17 Supported since v1.5.0.

Bugs: See 4.16

4.16 Supported since v1.4.4.

Bugs: Renderer Sounds disabled + See 4.15

4.15 Supported since v1.4.2.

Bugs: Disabled Texture Sampling + See 4.12

4.14 Supported from v1.3.2 to v1.4.4

Bugs: See 4.12

4.13 Supported from v1.3.0 to v1.4.4

Bugs: See 4.12

4.12 Supported from v1.1.2 to v1.4.4

Bugs: Light might flicker with renderer mesh

4.9 Dropped since v1.3.0
4.8 Dropped since v1.3.0
<= 4.7 Support was dropped on plugin release