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! IMPORTANT ! This is the UE4 plugin documentation for PopcornFX v1. PopcornFX v2 UE4 plugin documentation can be found here

(last edit version: v1.0.0)

The Unreal Engine 4 PopcornFX Plugin


Where to start ?

The PopcornFX Examples Project is a great place to start:

It contains a bunch of Examples of PopcornFX integration features into Unreal Engine 4 and more.

Video tutorials on how to install and get started with the plugin are available on the PopcornFX youtube channel:

The full playlist with all UE4 video-tutorials can be found here: UnrealEngine4 PopcornFX Plugin Tutorials playlist


A standard setup goes like this:


UE icon uelogo.jpg

Plugin Installation

Install the Plugin into your Unreal Engine 4 Project

UE icon pkaxis.jpg

Setup your PopcornFX Editor Project

Setup your PopcornFX Editor Project for UE4 (axis-system, assets, etc..)

UE icon project.jpg

Plugin Settings

Setup the Plugin: Source Pack Path, Mount point, Auto-reimport ...

UE icon effect.jpg


Import a PopcornFX effect. Customize Effect asset dependencies. Customize Effect Materials. Customize Attributes.

UE icon emitter.jpg


Emits PopcornFX Effects in your World.

UE icon pk.jpg


Handles the updating, World interactions, and rendering of particles.

UE icon attr.jpg

Attribute Samplers

Dynamically parametrize Emitters with Shapes, Textures, Curves and more...

UE icon sequencer.jpg


Start/Stop/Toggle emitters, Animate effect attributes and Attribute Samplers properties directly in Sequencer.



Features, Platforms, Versions, etc...

See Features and Platforms List.

This Plugin Does

  • Ultimately implement all the PopcornFX SDK integration features, see the Feature list
  • Use the standard pipelines of Unreal Engine 4 for workflow, rendering etc ... (if we do something wrong, please contact us!)
  • Let you customize particle materials for rendering
  • Keep the Plugin a plugin: no Engine source code modification needed !
  • stuff with particles...

This Plugin Does NOT

  • The Plugin does not Provide a way to author PopcornFX Effects directly inside the UE4 editor. To do this, you have to use the PopcornFX Editor.
  • The Plugin has no relation to UE Cascade particle system, PopcornFX is an other, separated particle system

EULA - Terms of use

See PopcornFX Store terms and conditions