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See also : Editor interface overview.

This page is for version v1.5.4
For the latest version of PopcornFX, see: Project selection


When you first start the PK-Fx editor, the following window will pop-up:

Popcorn-Fx project selection

This is the project selection window.

It is split in 3 main parts:

  • 1 : Data folder
  • 2 : Projects panel
  • 3 : Recent files panel

Data folder

This tells the Popcorn-Fx editor where to look for the projects settings.

It is by default set to a user-directory. You do not have to have your packs in this folder, this is for the user configuration stuff.

Projects panel

PK-Fx Editor allows you to setup multiple "projects" at once. However, you can only have a single project loaded at a single time.

This panel allows you to add new projects, and change their settings.
To open a project, you can either:

  • double-click on the project you wish to open
  • select the project, and click the 'OK' button in the window's bottom-right corner.

The little garbage-can icon on the left of each project deletes the project's entry (NOTE: it does NOT delete the project's files !)

Clicking on the 'Settings' button pops-up the project settings window:

General setup

Popcorn-Fx general project setup

The "Pack root" tells the editor where the pack is physically located.
It can be a path relative to the data-folder, or an absolute path.

Coordinate-system setup

Popcorn-Fx coordinate system setup

The Coordinate-system setup panel will allow you to choose between the following coordinate systems:

Popcorn-Fx coordinate system : right-hand Y up (OpenGL)
Popcorn-Fx coordinate system : right-hand Z up (Max)
Popcorn-Fx coordinate system : left-hand Y up (DirectX)
Popcorn-Fx coordinate system : left-hand Z up
Right handed Y-Up axis
( aka. OpenGL )
Right handed Z-Up axis
( aka. Max )
Left handed Y-Up axis
( aka. DirectX )
Left handed Z-Up axis

NOTE: there was a bug in Popcorn-Fx editor v1.5.3.17142 that prevented coordinate systems other than Right handed Y-Up from functioning properly. This has been fixed in the latest version.

Resource paths

Popcorn-Fx resource paths

You can add custom resource paths to where your resources are located, to make them browsable from within popcorn.
(absolute paths are forbidden to reference resources in the editor).

Bake targets

Popcorn-Fx bake targets

Here you can setup your list of output platforms to tell the editor where it should output the baked targets for each platform.

See the AssetBaker page for more details

Recent files panel

This lists the recent files in each project, and allows you to select what file should be automatically opened when launching the project.

Upgrading projects

Out-of-date projects

Sometimes, when a new version of the popcorn runtime & editor is released, some things might change that will cause assets to break.
Although the file formats popcorn uses support retro-compatibility, it is on-purpose that we do not make everything retro-compatible.
This gives us much more freedom to improve and refactor things that need to be, to bring you a better system.

However, we have a system that knows the history of breaking-changes in assets, from version to version, and can automatically upgrade yours if they are from an earlier version.
It can only upgrade assets from an earlier version to a newer version, NOT downgrade them from a new version to an old one.

This has various implications:

  • Your editor packs must ALWAYS have the "LastRevision.txt" file at their root. This is where the editor stores the last version of the pack. (This might change in the future to add a per-asset version number, to make it easier to transfer assets from one machine to another, that might not have the same editor version)
  • If you have popcorn packs in source-control, Make sure their "LastRevision.txt" file is in source-control too, so that the pack won't get upgraded twice by different people.
  • You should avoid manually copy/pasting assets from packs that are not upgraded to the same popcorn version.
  • Your popcorn editor version should match your runtime version

The editor makes it clear in the project list which projects are out-of date and need updating, by highlighting them in red and displaying a tooltip giving details about what changes have taken place between that pack's version and the current editor version:

Popcorn-Fx project selection : project versions patch summary

Projects without the "LastRevision.txt" file at their root will be treated as legacy packs (before the revision system was introduced), and ALL patches will be applied:

Popcorn-Fx project selection : projetc versions patch summary

To upgrade an out-of-date project, simply click on the 'update' icon appearing next to the 'delete' icon:

Popcorn-Fx project selection : update project

Projects more recent than the editor

A project MORE RECENT than the editor will appear in a slightly deeper red, and the tooltip will say so explicitely:

Popcorn-Fx project selection : project more recent than editor

Trying to open the project will pop up the following warning window:

Popcorn-Fx project selection : project more recent than editor warning window

Troubleshooting project upgrade

Sometimes, a project upgrade can fail.

UpgradeProject Failed 2.png

Most of the time, this is due to the access permissions on the files that the editor tries to upgrade.
It can happen if you are using a source-control software that locks the files and sets them to read-only mode.
The popcorn editor will not force them to read-write, therefore will fail upgrading them if they are read-only.

Make sure your files have write permissions when you upgrade your project.

You might also get this error:

UpgradeProject Failed 1.png

Which indicates the editor failed writing to the "LastRevision.txt" file at the root of the PopcornFx pack.

Auto Updates

The popcorn editor will automatically connect to the popcornfx website to check if there are editor updates/fixes available.
If updates are found, it will display the latest update changelog:


We recommend you keep this check active to get the latest bugfixes. However, if you are bound to an older version of the C++ SDK, you might not want to get the latest editor update, as it may have features not supported by your older SDK.

You cannot disable auto-updates from the UI yet, to do this manually, download and run the following .reg file:
(you might need administrator privileges)