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Project relocation is a pretty powerful helper tool that came with v1.6

Clicking the 'Relocate project' button in the project list panel of the project settings window will pop the following window, and allow you to change the location of all your projects.

Relocating a project

This is especially useful if your Hard-drive changed its drive-letter during a switch to a new machine, or if you checked-out the repository containing your project datas to a new location.
Without this feature, you'd have to delete all your projects, then re-add them all by hand.

For example, let's say one of your projects was located in F:\Work\Game\PopcornFX\
After adding a new HDD, your old 'F' drive now becomes 'E' you'd have to setup the following patterns:

  • Source pattern : F:/
  • Replace pattern : E:/

Clicking 'OK' will then pop the following window, showing all the projects that matched the 'Source pattern', giving you the ability to uncheck those you don't want to be relocated.

Relocating a project

Once you're done, click 'OK', and the editor will relocate the selected projects.

NOTE: this only affects your local project files in the 'User data folder', it does not touch the PopcornProject.xml file inside the project itself.