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Popcorn-Fx is a middleware solution for realtime particle systems simulation and edition, designed for the games industry.


PK-Fx is made of:

  • PK-Fx editor : A realtime WYSIWYG [1] editor, running on windows XP, vista, and seven, that can connect to an external machine/console for realtime editing/tweaking of particle effects in a running game or level editor.
  • PK-Fx runtime : The runtime libraries of the particle engine, that perform the heavy lifting and take care of all the particle simulation and management. available on PC and consoles (contact us for the full list of supported platforms).
  • PK-Fx samples : A collection of C++ sample applications that show how to integrate and leverage the power of the runtime. There are samples for all the supported runtime platforms.


For Content creators

Getting started : Particle system overview

Getting started : PK-Fx editor overview

Particle tutorials

Node reference

Scripting reference

Known issues

For Developers

Getting started : Particle system



Realtime particle effects